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Around Wesak 2016, which was said to be a particularily strong one,
someone felt the urge to put the formerly produced 'Cedercrans Dictionaire' into a digital format to make it interactive.
Ideas kept coming in and found their way into this Wiki, realizing themselves through that someones mind, heart and hands.

Some months later, the outer shell for a WisdomWiki was ready to be filled with contents;
an LCS library, a further generic library for books teaching the ancient Wisdom in its many ways,
a meditation-repository as well as a forum, chat and events-calendar were waiting to be stuffed and used.

Then, unexpectedly, a note fell into that someones hands;
it was an excerpt of 'Applied Wisdom' with the title 'Library'.

This is what it said:

Library[edit source]

"It is important to get all of the information that has been projected through the years together under appropriate subject headings
in order to make it available to those who are ready for it as they come to their particular time.

This is one of the service activities which you and perhaps others will be involved in. And I would suggest that you hold it in mind.

In fact, it can be a point for subjective effort, because this is unnecessarily holding up some of the work which could be going forward now.

There are those, for instance, who are ready for information, but they must have all of the information available on certain subjects
in order for it to be either applicable to them or safe for them to receive it.

This beginning of a reference library for disciples, its manifestation, is extremely important.

Several copies of each, the material of each subject, should be kept always ready and available to those who can make use of it."

LCS, Applied Wisdom, Single Edition - Page 350

Lucille Cedercrans-Schaible said this maybe in the 60's of the past century.

Now, about half a century later, "copies of each" are obsolete since it is now online
and "copies" itself into any browser pinging the url WisdomWiki.org within seconds.

Anytime, anywhere.

To the future!