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Administration panel

TOP priority[edit | edit source]

secondary priority[edit | edit source]

fix pagemaker MediaWiki:Common.js for NS LCS and NS medi - missing colon between NS and page( : )

search optimisation[edit | edit source]

$wgConf->settings = array(
    $wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefault = array(
        default => array( NS_MAIN ),
        wisdomwikiwiki => array( NS_MAIN, NS_LCS, NS_LIBRARY, NS_MEDI, NS_TEACHING, NS_HELP ),

JSimport[edit | edit source]

fix admin links gadget and sandbox /my panel

  type: 'script',
  articles: [
      'u:dev:CatNav/code.js', 						//   /code.js
      'u:dev:CategoryRenameAuto-update/code.js',			//  /code.js
      'u:dev:MassCategorization/code.js',				//   /code.js
      'u:dev:ListUsers/code.js',					//   /code.js
      'u:dev:MassProtect/code.js'					//   /code.js

/* this should go to common.js and group-sysop.js (half half), they are hosted on wikia as the url shows. how does the call need to be tweaked for them to work in WW?

-- admin links
+MSpackage --> disable MS upload?
-- sectionhide
+popups - hovercards on links
+title key -case insensitive

add upload files +txt, rtf, zip, rar

tertianary priority[edit | edit source]

get the common.js working (fix calls or upload manually)
cleanup 1mio classes in common.css

server rights hierarchy[edit | edit source]

1 (*)everyone  ~  read only (after publishing the wiki)
2 new student (registered user (needs manual confirmation))  ~  read pages, write/edit discussion/talk
3 student (for access control lvl 2) (registered user)  ~  read pages, write/edit discussion/talk
4 teacher (for access control lvl 3) (registered user)  ~  read pages, write/edit discussion/talk
5 scribe  ~  read, write/edit pages+else, move, patrol, (confirm new users)
6 librarian  ~  read, write/edit, move, delete pages, delete history, patrol, (confirm new users), protect pages (janitor lvl (sub-admin lvl))
7 janitor  ~  read, write/edit, move, delete, delete history, patrol, (confirm new users), protect (janitor lvl) 
  (ASSIGN USER RIGHTS (only admin and janitor!)) - code div's, templates etc. 

8 (((bureaucrat ~ read, write/edit, move, delete, delete history))) → stays the same (is it possible to deactivate this group, for it cant be unassigned once assigned?)
9 admin ~ everything (god mode) → stays the same

admittedly, the step between 6-7 seems rather hazy yet, but i sense soon the reason for distinguishing those will make itself known... but anyway:
- if any of this doesnt seem to make sense, please let me know! -

to prevent vandalism, the wiki is read-only to unregistered users.

registered users are allowed to edit the discussion page, for suggestions for new articles/new sites that arent existing (which they cant create for they only can edit the discussion of an existing page) there will be a page named eg. "new pages" or "new articles" or so, where in discussion thread ppl can paste an article or suggest a keyword/topic to be handled.

in any way, we need to double check on ourselves, eg. when anybody is writing something new, we need others to check and see if its groupconsent, if there are formulations that need to change, wether theres info lacking, or some of it wrong, or whatever. to check on those things, we should use the discussion-page till we come to a conclusion, which is then to be put in the front page.

remember: glamour is our biggest enemy in this project of creating a WisdomWiki.

rent a domain[edit | edit source]

check rights[edit | edit source]

talk to pam

for citing DK/AAB (lucis distrust!) and Wisdom Impressions

HPB and Roerich are public domain. (?)

do we want cites? do we want other authors to be used here? eg hodson, leadbeater, besant etc?

how-to videos and tutorials[edit | edit source]

explaining the tech and create educational material to enable scribes and librarians to do their work. (eg. how to use the editor)
making an eventual template for the page-structure? (headline hierarchies etc)

how to:

  • create account
  • create signature
  • create page
  • upload media
  • embed media
  • create link
  • add category

about:TALK - wiki video tutorial

Guided Introduction to editing with VisualEditor

Wikipedia:VisualEditor-User Guide

Help:Wiki markup - formatting wiki is easy if you try

Help:Cheatsheet for formatting/code

all tutorials in one place

Help: The Edit toolbar

general tutorial/sheet

extentions & config[edit | edit source]

 Extension 0: visual editor
 obsolete: CustomNavBlocks --- customize sidebar  >> alternate ( CSS_MenuSidebar )
 Extension 2:  ---  create and modify custom namespaces without editing the config.php 
 Extension 3:
 Extension 4:  --- create a fixed notice messages on the top or the bottom of a page
 Extension 5:
 Extension 6: (or another working content management)
 Extension 7:  --- advanced partolling, advanced tagging
 Extension 8:
 Extension 9: UniversalSuggester ---  adds icons to the edit bar to simplify links etc.
 Extension10: (or appropriate alternate for google, yahoo, facebook, and others)

$wgNamespaceContentModels[NS_TALK] = CONTENT_MODEL_FLOW_BOARD; enable flow on all discussion(talk) pages

request posted here: Phabricator T291

poss skins: grey stuff


Gadget: MoreMenu
InfoWidgets: installs widget for quicklinks/watchlist how does it work? poss to implement? poss to implement? whats wrong with it, how does it work, what does it do?


categories[edit | edit source]

maybe worked out at october meeting,
HOW will we do that?

namespaces[edit | edit source]

  • meditations - medi:
  • teacher training - tt:
  • sandbox - sb:
  • Cedercrans literature - LCS:
  • requests - req:

possible other NS:[edit | edit source]

  • suggestions
  • administration
  • hidden
  • protected

NS vs. Category:[edit | edit source]

  • hierarchy - fill a few pages with interactive links for demo!
  • devas

request pages[edit | edit source]

new pages
new categories
feature request

scribes[edit | edit source]

lyn, (tara?)
theresa & greg,
georgia →AuthorProtect
walter - (evtl. a sub-chapter for freemason symbology or more?)

maybe:[edit | edit source]

susanne maloney,
glen k.

librarians[edit | edit source]