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  • creating a wiki as a group-process:
  1. someone starts to write, another adds to it.
  2. maybe groupmeetings to discuss concepts and see whats coming down the group-alignment
  3. more will come to add to stuff

  • evtl. dangers/fields of opposition
  1. glamour and illusion is the biggest enemy of this wiki, hence editor are being handselected
  2. that will be a field of opposition
  3. evtl. editing may cause personality crashes, which as well is a criteria for scribe role
  • building a wiki - explaining and elaborating concepts and theories, adding quotes of LCS, AAB and others
  • building a meditation repository
  • installing a cedercrans library (99% sure its public domain, surely wisdomimpressions doesnt have it (only for their editions) since they published after 2003
  • Library is not restricted to LCS:
  1. HPB, JIR bother are public domain, just use PDFs...
  2. hosdon needs to be researched public domain
  3. leadbeater mostly PD
  4. anni besant PD
  5. ask around for more main authors (manley p hall, etc etc)
  6. research publication of quotations of copyrighted books of separative rights-hogging companies like steiners and lucis distrust
  • finding janitors/cleaners
  • more

  • quick walkthrough after announcing nothing neds to be remembered today