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This is the main article about etheric centers aka 'chakras'.

The etheric center system derives from the etheric network (nadis), it is known that where seven nadis are crossing each other forms a minute chakra, where 14 nadis are crossing forms a minor chakra and where 21 nadis are crossing forms a major chakra.

There is alot of misinterpretations and wrong informations spread about the etheric center system.

The probably most widespread error is about the placement of the chakras, or to be more specific, the origin of the center, or the very center of the chakras.
Many schools seem to place the seven main chakras to the front, or the soft side of the body (regarding mammals, for etheric centers of other animals, plants, minerals, planets and solar systems see *******), but their true origin is 3-6 inches behind the spine. From there they create a vortex, which has its opening to the front of a mammal body, just not it's origin.