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Etheric Centers



When you are presented with a condition of negativity, whether in your own life or the life of a brother, carry out the following technique:

  • Establish your own alignment with:
  1. your Soul,
  2. The Christ,
  3. The Father.

  • Recognizing that the manifesting condition is a result of the working out of Divine Law and Order,

      become receptive to the Divine Purpose which is inherent in this particular situation.

  • Upon recognition of Purpose, whether in detail or in generality, call it forth from within whatever limitation is its prison, as a manifesting reality.

      See it take root within the consciousness aspect, grow there, and bloom as Truth.

  • Then, and only then, see the radiance of Truth dispelling the darkness cast by the shadow of ignorance.

      See that radiant Light emerge from the consciousness and shine forth through the form nature,
      transmuting as it does the outer form into a true reflection of inner reality.

  • Speak the words:

“May the Divine Plan manifest divine adjustment within this condition in Divine Law and Order.”

Sound the OM, and turn your attention elsewhere.