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OCCULT science affirms that the universe, as spirit and matter, life and form, consciousness and vehicles, with all its constituents and inhabitants, is a single organism, a living unity. All individuals are as centres, organs or cells in a higher Being, of whom they are a manifestation and a part. These higher Beings in their turn are expressions of the power, the life and the consciousness of still more highly evolved Intelligences. This hierarchical system culminates in one all-inclusive All-Being, the summation and synthesis of all creation, the supreme Deity, the One Alone.

As all the atoms, cells and organs of the human body are unified in that organism, so all beings are unified within the one all-embracing divine Power, Life and Consciousness and its various vehicles, from the most tenuous to the most dense. Those vehicles in their turn constitute the visible and invisible universe which is created by the One Power, sustained by the One Life, shaped, directed and transformed by the One Intelligence, ordered by One Law and composed, fundamentally, of One Element.

Physically, the universe displays exuberant variety and richness of individuality of apparently separate beings and forms. Superphysically, however, the unifying, vital principle begins to be perceived. Spiritually, all is seen to be the product and expression of one deific, creative Power under the operation of one immutable Law.


An analogy may perhaps be taken from the cinema. Numerous continually-moving forms appear on the screen. If the beam between the projector and the screen be observed, especially if the picture be coloured, only the changes in colour, light and shade can be perceived. These changes, in their turn, are produced by the passage in front of the source of light of the film on which the original pictures were taken. This film itself, though invisible to the audience, is the factor which determines the nature of the phenomena appearing on the screen. The figures on the screen, the changes and the movements in the beam and the pictures on the film strip ire all numerous and diverse. Behind them all, however, is the single light by which the pictures themselves are produced, and without which they could not be made to appear.

If the analogy—admittedly not quite perfect—be applied to the phenomena revealed to man through his senses, the space-time universe corresponds to the screen. The beam represents creative energy emitted from its Source, parsing through the superphysical worlds to produce the visible universe. The lens represents Creative Mind, through which Archetypes are focussed on to the universal screen. The film corresponds to the archetypal “forms” and the single light represents the primary effect of the activity of the One Creative Power (the current) by which all things were made. Just as the figures on the screen, the beam, the lens, the rolls of film, the light and electrical current, are all part of one co-ordinated scheme for the projection of pictures, so all the apparently separated portions of the universe are, in reality, parts of a single mechanism. The function of this animate “machine” charged with life-force is to create, project into matter and ultimately perfect myriads of previously-conceived substances, objects and beings.


This principle of unity amidst diversity is well exemplified by the Kingdom of the Gods. The totality of the Angelic Hosts and nature spirits of a Solar System is a manifestation of one Solar Archangel of unimaginable splendour, within whom all angels live, move and have their being. From this centre and source of their existence all have emanated, and into it all will ultimately return.

In order to manifest, the One Supreme Being becomes expressed in three modes of activity, Three Aspects, each of which may be presumed to find expression as an archangel only slightly less great than the One Alone. These Three are creative, preserving and transforming Aspects, masculine, androgyne and feminine creative potencies, and in their representative and presiding Archangels one of those forces will predominate. Although three mighty Beings, they are also projections and expressions of the Primordial One. These three Emanations in their turn unite in every possible combination to produce a sevenfold self-expression of the Divine Monad. Each such expression is represented in the Angelic Kingdom by a lofty Archangel, and all these together are referred to in Christianity as the Seven Mighty Spirits before the Throne, and elsewhere as the Seven Archangels of the Face, the Cosmocratores, the Sephiroth.

The creative impulse shines forth as light from the One, through the Three and the Seven to produce, at the highest spiritual levels and under the laws of number and harmony, the ideal forms, the Archetypes of every living thing in all kingdoms of Nature, including the human and the angelic. An Archangel presides over each stage of the projection of the Archetype. At every degree of densification, in each successively denser plane of Nature, angels of appropriate Orders embody the power and intent of the Creative Will- Thought and assist in its expression as evolving forms. This hierarchical system obtains throughout all levels, each of the lower groups being an expression of a single higher Intelligence.

On the astral and etheric planes,[44] non-individualised nature spirits are the lowest Order in the hierarchy of the Angelic Hosts. In their purely instinctive response to the will-thought of their seniors, and in their apparently aimless, though unconsciously purposeful, play, they correspond somewhat to the various shades and colours moving in the beam of the cinema projector, the visible universe coming into existence as the result of their creative activity.

This hierarchical method of self-expression by the primordial, deific Principle, is also in operation through Orders of angelic directors of the evolution of life and form in areas of differing dimensions. A single Archangel thus presides over the Solar System as a whole. Each of its major parts is also under the direction of an Intelligence of appropriate evolutionary stature. Our Earth, for example, as a physical unit composed of earth, water, air, fire and ether and its superphysical planes and life, is a vehicle for the Archangel of the planet. For this Being, each of the physical and superphysical planes or spheres—seven in all—which together constitute the whole Earth, is a vehicle of consciousness. The vast company of Solar and Planetary angelic beings is sometimes referred to as the Army of the Light and the Hosts of the Logos.


The Archangels or Spiritual Regents of the planets, each of whom maintains an Ambassador and an “Embassy” on Earth, have been referred to somewhat graphically as Heavenly Snails [45] who move with apparent slowness on their orbits round the sun, each carrying their physical planet on their back like a house or shell. The astrological attributes and psychological, mental and spiritual influences of heavenly bodies emanate in large measure from these ensouling Intelligences.

The Archangel of a planet may be regarded as a synthesis of all other Archangels, angels and nature spirits within the planetary field. Immediately below the planetary Archangel may perhaps be placed the Archangels of each of the seven planes or spheres, all the substance of each of which is a vehicle for the Archangel of that plane. From this it follows that each of the apparently individual angels of a plane is. in reality, an expression of the power, the life and the consciousness of that plane as a whole and of its Archangel. Comprehension of this fundamental unity is all important in achieving contact, communion and collaboration with the greater and lesser Gods.

Magic, it is said, is the process of producing visible, physical results determined upon by the trained will-thought of the magician who has found the way to communicate with the appropriate angelic Intelligences and win their collaboration. Magic has therefore been described as the power to address the Gods in their own tongues.

THE CHERUBIM[edit source]

The One Law also finds expression in great Archangels of Light and is administered by them. These are said to be four in number, each with innumerable subordinates in hierarchical order fulfilling the Law according to the twofold principle of equilibrium and cause and effect. These Four are sometimes called the Lipika,[46] or Recorders, and sometimes the Devarajas of the four quarters of the compass, the Rulers of the North, the South, the East and the West. They are personified in the Egyptian religion by the great law-giver and chronologer, Tehuti and the four Sons of Horus, Mestha, Hapi, Tuamutef and Qebhsennuf; in Judaism[47]  by the Four Holy Living Creatures, the Cherubim, or sometimes as a single Cherub with four faces—of a man, an eagle, a lion and an ox—and by various three or four-headed beings in other systems of angelology. In Christianity the Lipika—assigned to the Order of angels known as the Watchers—are personified as the Recording Angel who writes in a great book men’s deeds by which they are judged.

THE FIERY CROSS[edit source]

The idea is not easy to comprehend that different kinds of energy, each with its own occult properties, flow to and from the four directions of space and that an Archangel is stationed at each quarter as Director of that energy. In further explanation it may therefore be said that the Creative Fite is conceived as descending vertically from zenith to nadir to penetrate hitherto virginal, pre-cosmic substance or space, regarded diagrammatically as horizontal. A cross is thus formed, the point of penetration being at the intersection of the arms. This point in space denotes the centre from which the creative and constructive process arises to transform chaos into Cosmos. Here is the central sun. Here, the Logos as Creative Intelligence and Power establishes the Cosmic Archetype or Ideation from which all develops under the rule of Time, or throughout successive cycles.

The thought-imbued, descending Creative Fire radiates horizontally from the point of intersection chiefly in the four lateral directions or to the North, the South, the East and the West, to which it is self-limited for purposes of manifestation. With the existing vertical rays, the six-armed cross is thus formed, which is the fiery core of the resultant Cosmos. The Cosmic Christos is symbolically crucified upon this cross and this is mirrored in the Crucifixion of the historical Christ.

Each of the six creative rays or six arms of the cross is conceived as possessing distinctive characteristics which find expression in an Order of Intelligences. Thus to each quarter is attributed a special influence and an Archangel with its associated Angelic Hosts, one hierarchy being stationed at each corner of the Universe, as it were. Each Archangel is also a Lord of one of the four elements, the fifth, aether, being associated with the centre of the cross. As previously stated, these Intelligences are the Sacred Four of World Religions, the Mind-born Sons of Brahma and the Four Devarajas of Hinduism, the Cherubim and the four-faced Archangels of Kabbalism and Judaism, including the four symbolic animals of the vision of Ezekiel and associated with the four Evangelists.

The cosmic, fiery cross is said to revolve round its vertical axis, as does the physical Cosmos round its Central Sun. This gyratory motion is reproduced throughout Nature as the axial revolutions of suns, planets and spinning chemical atoms in which electrons and other particles follow planetary paths round their nuclei. Solar Systems, both in groups and individually, and their component planets, also move through space on orbital paths round central suns.

These axial and orbital motions of stellar, solar, planetary and atomic bodies are physical manifestations of the revolutions round the central Spiritual Sun at the nave or hub, of the six-armed cosmic, fiery cross of three dimensions of which the swastika is a two-dimensional symbol. The swastika is an equal-armed cross with short secondary arms at right angles to the primary ones. These hooks, as they are sometimes called, represent the flames and sparks which stream backwards as the fiery, fohatic [48] cross revolves continuously throughout creative Day.

Vortices, cosmic, nebular, stellar, solar, planetary and atomic, whirlwinds in space, maelstroms in matter—and perhaps the chakras of animals and men—are produced by this vast circumgyration of the cosmic cross of Creative Fire. “Fohat,” it is said, “digs through space seven holes.” [49] Fohat, however, is not electrical energy alone. It is endowed with intelligence. It is, in fact, a Being, though inconceivable as such by man, an Archangel of Fire, a veritable God. The vertical descent of fiery power, of horizontal radiations into the four quarters of the spherical field, the revolution of the resultant cross, the formation of vortical centres at the heart and along the arms and the creation and densification of universes and their components according to cruciform and vortical designs—all this is directed by the so-called Seven Sons (and Brothers) of Fohat, the great Gods of the six directions of space, the Cosmocratores, the Archangels of the Face, the Sephiroth.


The Seventh, the synthesis, the Cosmic Logos, the Spiritual Sun, the Christos by whom all things were made, is enthroned at the centre. Thereon, throughout Manvantara, He is voluntarily self-crucified, not in agony and death and downflowing sweat and blood, but in creative ecstasy and with perpetually outpoured power and life. The Mighty Four, the Cherubim, who are also the Recorders of the activities of the successive Nights and Days down to the minutest events occurring to the smallest lives, the Lipika or Archangels of Time and Law, are stationed at the extremities of the horizontal arms. These four cosmic Beings at the arms of the horizontal cross are the master-mathematicians, as it were, who comprehend the inconceivable complexity of the everchanging- and ever-growing network of the karmas[50] of all universes, planets and beings. Since representatives of these Angels of karma administer the karmic law on this planet in order to effect the greatest possible evolutionary advancement and the strictest justice for every individual, they and their planetary agents, the karmadevas, must be included amongst the Angelic Hierarchies of our Earth.

NATIONAL ANGELS [51][edit source]

The whole human race is presided over by a lofty Archangel who exerts continually a spiritualising influence upon the Higher Selves of all men. This Archangel of the human race unifies itself at the level of Spiritual Will, or Atma with every human Ego, and by lending its own far more highly developed Atmic power to each, enhances for them the influence of their own Monad and its Ray. The degree of such enhancement and man’s response thereto varies through thousands of centuries according to the effect of cyclic progression and the culmination and coincidence of component cycles. Nevertheless it is to be assumed that this ministration continues without intermission throughout the whole world period[52] the duration of which, in terms of physical time, has been said to be at least fifty million years.

Each well-established nation is similarly presided over by a National Angel or Archangel Potentate. This lofty Intelligence is associated more especially with the Egos of all members of the nation. It unifies itself with each and continually enhances the spiritual power and life of the Ego. On occasion it also sends an impulse down to the personality to act in a manner which will best contribute to the fulfilment of dharma[53]  and evolution to the stature of the perfect man.

A National Angel may be studied from two distinct points of view. According to one aspect, he may be regarded as a member of the more elevated ranks of the Angelic Hierarchy who has been appointed to this high office. In that capacity he works largely from the level of Spiritual Will, from which he obtains a full knowledge of the karma[54] and the dharma of his nation, and of the ideal development towards which it is part of his duty to guide and inspire its people. His work is to quicken the evolution of his nation and to inspire its leaders to make decisions which will help towards the fulfilment of the national dharma; he seeks to minimise the effects of errors and to exercise a restraining influence, so that the nation may not depart unduly from the path leading to its highest destiny, or fail to take its appointed place in the family of nations.

As previously stated, above the National Angels of the world there is a still greater Being, who serves the whole human race on this planet in a manner similar to that in which the National Angel serves his particular race. Superior to this Official there are, in all probability, interplanetary Angels who serve the whole of humanity in one Planetary Round, Chain and Scheme[55]. No doubt this hierarchical system is extended to include Solar Systems, and even Cosmoi, all of which are linked together by angelic beings of increasing spiritual stature.

A somewhat similar hierarchical method would seem to be employed by the advanced members of the human race forming the Great White Brotherhood of Adepts,[56] who guide and guard humanity throughout the ages. There are Adepts responsible for the evolution of individual nations, still higher Officials who have charge of continents, and above them the great Planetary Adept, Ruler, the Spiritual King who is the earthly Representative of the Solar Logos. Complete and perfect co-operation is maintained between the human and angelic branches of this Inner Government of the World. In the future, as higher orders of consciousness are unfolded and a wider range of sensory response is developed, the human ministers responsible for the religious, governmental and cultural development of a nation will doubtless consciously collaborate with their spiritual superiors in both human and angelic hierarchies. Then, at last, this earth will enter upon the longed-for Golden Age.

To return to the conditions of the present time, the international Race Angel may be thought of as a weaver who uses as his threads the national characteristics, the dharma and the karma of the nations of the world, weaving them as the centuries pass into the pattern which the nations will produce according to the plan held in the Universal Mind, “the pattern on the mount”. By his weaving he is also drawing the races together, helping to establish on earth the brotherhood of man. In spite of his mighty power and his perfect understanding of the divine Plan, he seeks neither fo impose his will upon men nor to oppose the collective will of a nation, however wrongly that will may be directed at any particular period. For man must grow by virtue of his own experience and the unfolding life within him.

The other aspect from which the National Angel may be studied is more difficult to understand and to explain, for it pertains to abstract levels of consciousness. In addition to the Angel’s life and work as an individual, he is also the summation of the whole national consciousness. The millions of Egos incarnated in a nation to form the national Oversoul are united in him. The three aspects of a nation’s life, the national karma, dharma and consciousness, meet and find a single expression in the National Angel.

Under the Lords of Karma, the National Angel is granted a certain amount of latitude and control in the working out of the nation’s karma. He can concentrate it, so that sections are paid off quickly or he can extend it over long periods. He has a complete knowledge of his nation’s capacity to endure adversity, of the amount of adverse karma it is capable of bearing without suffering serious evolutionary delay. He is also able to balance the favourable against the adverse karma of the nation, to modify present conditions by drawing on karma from the past.

In all this ministration, the Angel looks to the future and to the fulfilment of the national dharma. He not only lends his own power, but also utilises the capacities and characteristics of the nation in guiding it towards the fulfilment of its highest destiny. In the realm of Egoic consciousness, he is able at a given period to accentuate national traits so that the nation, if responsive, then tends to pursue a particular course. If the forces and qualities of a people are thought of as being visible in terms of colour, then he may be said to cause a special colour or group of colours to shine out at certain times with greater luminosity in the consciousness of the nation.

Such, in small part, is the nature and the activity of an Angel-Ruler. Occult tradition assigns to the Goddess, Pallas Athene, at least down to the end of the Golden Age, the office of Archangelic Ruler of the Grecian nation.


Every human individual is also on occasion under the direct care of a member of one of the Orders of the Angelic Hosts. Each cycle of human rebirth is presided over by members of the Orders of angels which are especially associated with man. As stated in Part I, Chapter IV, at each successive rebirth individual human Egos receive the special assistance of angels responsible for the construction of mental, emotional, etheric and physical forms. These angels operate partly under the direction of representatives of the Lipika. The choice of era, continent, nation, religion, parents, environment and opportunity, sex, type and condition of body and degree of potential or actual health and disease, are all decided according to Law by these presiding Intelligences and corresponding Adept officials. The several karmas of the incarnating Ego, of the natal nation, of members of groups with whom there will be association, of the whole family and of the future husband or wife and children, are all fully considered. The inherent rhythm of the Monad-Ego, the ultimate destiny according to Monadic temperament or Ray, the past karma and the immediate and future missions are all reviewed and with unfailing justice the most favourable choices are made under karmic circumstances.

Since the number of Monads using the Earth as a planetary field is stated to be sixty thousand million, and all of those who are at present passing through the human kingdom receive this ministration, angels of the Order responsible for the descent of the human Ego into incarnation are thus included in this enumeration of the angelic population of our globe.

The function of these beings is partially described in the above- mentioned Chapter.


Each major World Religion has its Archangel and angelic ministrants appointed by high planetary Officials, Adept and Archangelic. The highest of the Archangels of Religions preside over the reservoirs of spiritual power appointed to each World Faith. They conserve and supply this power as it is invoked, to the end of the maximum effectiveness. Each duly consecrated Temple, Mosque, Cathedral, Abbey, Church and Oratory is placed under the direction of a presiding angel of the Order associated with World Religions. These conserve both the power apportioned to the particular edifice and that which is generated at the ceremony of Consecration. They also receive and direct the uprising streams of human aspiration, worship and prayer and the power, force and devotion evoked by ceremonial. In addition, they transmit the responses from the Deity, the World Teacher, the Angelic Hosts and Members of the Communion of Saints, together with the descending power from the reservoir.

The supreme Teacher of Angels and of Men, known in the East as the Bodhisattva and in the West as the Lord Christ, has under His direction, it is said, great companies of Archangels and angels, who find in His service their continual delight. In His perpetual ministration to all mankind and to the members of the angelic and sub-human kingdoms, He sends out according to their needs great streams of power, wisdom, blessing, inspiration, healing and love. He employs hosts of angels to conserve, direct and apply these expressions of His loving compassion for all that lives.

Angels also attend religious services for purposes of devotion, and certain of them may be seen reverently hovering within the radiance which surrounds the consecrated Elements.

The Eucharistic Ceremony is under the direction of an exalted Angel, sometimes called the Angel of the Eucharist. At the moment of the Consecration of the Elements, a glorious Angelic Being in the likeness of the Lord Christ, known as the Angel of the Presence, descends upon the Altar as His angelic representative. At the chanting of the Preface, when reference is made to the Nine Orders of the Angels recognised in Christian angelology, who are none other than the Sephi- rothal Angels, a representative of each Order responds to the Invocation and bestows the power, light and benediction of his Order upon Officiants, congregation, Church and surrounding regions.[57]

Other World Religions have equally the assistance of appointed Orders of the Angelic Hosts. The great Hindu mantric[58] ceremony, known as the Gayatri, calls down Solar power and is the occasion for ministration to mankind by Archangels and angels especially associated with the sun.[59]

All other valid (occultly effective and accepted by Adept and Archangel Officials) ceremonial Orders throughout the world, and especially those which, like Freemasonry, originated in the Lesser and Greater Mysteries and are still representative of them, also receive the benediction, the presence and the co-operation of angels and Archangels.

GROUP SOUL ANGELS[edit source]

The evolving, conscious life of the animal, plant, mineral and elemental kingdoms of Nature, as previously stated, is under the direction of appropriate Orders of angels. This life is not individualised, as is the case in the human kingdom, where each human being is a fully self-conscious, responsible individual.[60] Vast areas of the Earth with its mineral contents, large numbers of trees, plants and insects, and smaller numbers of animals and birds, are physical vehicles for a specific, ensouling life which is called a Group Soul. The evolution of Group Souls reaches its apotheosis in the animal kingdom, in which the number of physical representatives becomes smaller and smaller until at last the process of individualisation—generally of a domestic animal—occurs and a human soul is born. This aeonic unfoldment and development is continuously supervised and aided by angelic minis- trants, amongst whom are those who direct the process of the division of the animal Group Soul into single human entities.[61]


An Angelic Order exists which has evolved through the insect-branch of Nature. Universal Mind contains the ideation of all possible modes and forms of manifestation. The primordial ideation and Archetype includes the insect kingdom in all its immense variety. Monads evolve through that kingdom ultimately to become Solar and Cosmic Archangels associated, though not exclusively with, that creative Ray.

If, in view of the fact that certain insects are inimical to man, this concept should appear strange, it must be remembered that parasitism, for example, is only loathsome when the host is conscious of disequilibrium set up by the parasite. The types most objectionable in man’s eyes, the disease-carrying and the blood-sucking, are no more repulsive in reality than any other parasite. Since parasitism is the principle by which physical life is enabled to persist, logically no individual parasite can be condemned, however much its depredations must be resisted. The inherent divinity of the more that of those which appear ugly and are hurtful to man. To many minds, the beauty of the dragonfly, the moth and the butterfly, would be theii justification.

Just as Monads, manifested through other facets of divine ideation, are guarded and aided by their evolutionary seniors, so are those who, when their Rays first touch the physical world, find their embodiment as thousands of tiny insects. From then on throughout their upward journey, which will culminate in becoming a perfected, divine being on one of the Seven Rays[62] into which, the insect kingdom, like every other, is classifiable, they are the subject of ministration by their seniors. They pass their physical existence and achieve all that is desired of them by passage through that kingdom as butterflies, bees, beetles, ants or other leading examples of the insect Ray types, and pass on to the superphysical worlds through which first as nature spirits and later as rupa[63] and arupa devas, they ascend to Archangelic heights and beyond. Monads passing through the insect kingdom and the forms which they ensoul are therefore of equal importance with all other manifestations, facets, modes and forms of divine existence. Presiding over their Rays, their Orders and their species are Archangels and angels, who not only shepherd the indwelling life but preserve and fashion to greater beauty the insect form. Their presence as guardians and tutors stimulates into action the natural instinct of the numerous species to pursue those physical habits by which the genus is perpetuated, the stages of gestation are successfully passed through, food is found, mating is performed and eggs are deposited.

The mass instinct or race memory which leads each variety to pursue its appropriate modes of life is stimulated and directed by the angel tutors of the insect kingdom of Nature. In some cases, in earlier Manvantaras they themselves have evolved through that kingdom and know well its ways and needs. Such angels would be embodiments, however tenuous their forms, of that aspect of the One Mind which finds expression and expansion in and through the insect world. The all-protective, maternal Mind cares for its progeny in every realm, partly by enclosing it within its protective and guiding thought and partly by the ministrations of certain Orders of the Angelic Hosts. The Group Souls of insects, as also of birds, which find embodiment in very large numbers of forms, are all under the direction of senior angel officials, each supported or assisted by junior members of its own Order. Under this protection and tuition the whole insect kingdom, like every other, evolves to higher states, to more beautiful forms and to increased intelligence.

The development to which this process leads in Rounds and Chains which follow the present Fourth (of each) can only be assumed. There is, for example, a possibility, supported by hints in occult literature, that so high a degree of development of insect mind and form could be reached that individualisation could occur and further evolution be continued in that form. This obtains in the present ascent from the human to the superhuman kingdoms when the same physical form is used, if one is retained, or the same kind of form is assumed, if a new one is taken. Admittedly, the idea of an insect, butterfly, ant, bee or beetle as large or as intelligent as modern man might regard himself to be, may at first seem fantastic. If, however, one grants the prolonged continuance of the evolutionary processes observable throughout Nature and the existence and action of both Universal Mind and its angelic embodiments, then there is at least nothing illogical in the supposition.

Beelzebub, the so-called, if mis-called, God of Flies [64] may perhaps be regarded as an enemy of a human race which suffers from certain classes of insects, but if thought of as a Lord of Scarabs [65] or, indeed, of all insect life, Beelzebub, thus conceived, is divine rather than Satanic. It is sometimes necessary to divest oneself of certain preconceptions in order to be receptive to truth. This applies especially to the popular ideas of such postulations as Satan, Moloch and Beelzebub as Directors of processes and Lords of creatures which appear evil to man; for the involutionary procedure which such imaginary beings partly personify is as important as the evolutionary process for which it is a preparation. Bees gather honey and so feed man; they pollinate flowers and in this way also feed man. Bees sting in self-protection and their sting is painful and can be mortal to man, but they should not therefore be regarded as evil in themselves.

A DEVA OF THE BEE KINGDOM [66][edit source]

My own observations have led me to a belief in the existence of protective and directive angel guardians of bees. Once, whilst watching some hives, I became aware of a very lofty angel established at the level of abstract thought, whose aura displayed the typical colours of the bee body sublimated to the higher mental level of intensity and delicacy of light and colour. This Intelligence appeared to be an agent of an Archangel presiding over the whole of bee life, consciousness, form and evolution upon this planet. My notes made at the time state that a hierarchy of angels serves under this

Archangel and is represented at the etheric level by the nature spirit builders of the physical forms of bees. There was such an angel connected with the hives at which this study was made, and presumably there would be one with every active hive. These angels closely resemble other angels associated with the subhuman kingdoms of Nature in temperament and appearance, but yellow, gold and dark browns predominate in their auras. They seem to regard the evolution of the bee as of very great importance and to take seriously, though joyously, their work of directing, guarding and quickening the evolution of bee consciousness. They are in continuous contact with their superiors and, through them, with the planetary Archangel or Overlord of bees.

The queen bee in a hive shows astrally as a golden centre of glowing light and colour within the luminous aura of the hive. She shines therein as a nucleus, and is a centre of life, superphysically as well as physically. Forces are continually flowing through her into the hive group soul; these consist of life-forces and certain electro-magnetic, creative energies for which she is a centre or focus in the hive. These forces flow outwards from the centre in minute ripples and this ceaseless movement produces a superphysical sound not unlike that of the buzzing of the bees. The shape of the aura of the hive and community is that of the old-fashioned straw hive, i.e., a pointed dome with a flat base. Each bee appears to superphysical vision as a speck or point of light, the queen’s aura being larger and brighter than that of the other bees.

The angel appears to work especially for those of his charges who are at the larva phase and to exercise a very distinct and definite protecting and guiding function at that stage, almost as though bees on this planet were not yet quite capable, without such help, of passing through all the growth processes after hatching. The angel also influences the selection, special feeding and development of the queen and makes the necessary links between the permanent atoms,[67] the bee over-soul and the selected queen.

The consciousness of the bee is instinctive and the many evidences, of oitlered community life amongst bees result from a high development of that instinct, rather than of intelligence. Here, again, the work of the angel is of considerable importance in awakening the instincts of the different groups in the community and in arousing the impulse towards certain courses of conduct. Broadly, one might say that the queen is the life centre of the community and the angel the directing intelligence. He unifies his mind with the group consciousness of the hive and is to some extent imprisoned therein, submitting to that limitation for the sake of the service it enables him to render. Outside the hive, however, he has a certain measure of freedom of consciousness though at the emotional and mental levels he seems permanently attached to it, as if his complete withdrawal would mean an absence of control, and consequent disorder in the community. Under this limitation there is no sense of restriction; on the contrary, there is an absorbing interest and delight in the work, the joy of the craftsman and the artist. The angel is responsible for the development of both life and form, and is happy in the knowledge that he is helping to perfect these and is playing his part in the great evolutionary plan. Just as plants and trees are developing emotion, the bee is developing mind. The queen represents the nascent higher, abstract mind, the workers the lower, concrete mind, the drones the creative principle. The creative urge is experienced as instinct, rather than desire; feeling exists, but is reduced to a minimum, as if it had long ago been sublimated.

The angel, from whom I sought counsel, indicated that attempts by man to co-operate with his kingdom were welcomed and expressed the hope that they foreshadowed the approach of an era of human and angelic co-operation in bee culture, as well as in other branches of husbandry. Bees will respond, he said to attempts by man to unify his consciousness with theirs, just as plants respond, however faintly, to admiration and affection. But there is a distinct danger of over-development in the culture of bees. Their organisation is marvellously adaptable, but if they are over-exploited, and if the hives are made too complex and artificial, harm will be done. Man must recognise the evolving life in the bee, and not regard that insect as a mere mechanical honey-gatherer for the sole benefit of the human race.

In other fields, other Orders of angels and nature spirits perform analogous functions and use the Earth as a field of evolution and activity, references being made to some of them in later parts of this work. Numerous other Orders of angels are using this Earth as a field of evolution and activity. Information concerning them is contained in Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures, the literature of Kabbalism and in that great synthesis of Occult Science, The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky.