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EE may now proceed to study these form-building processes as they are carried out by angels and nature spirits in the construction of the physical, etheric and superphysical bodies of man. In both Nature and man the creative forces, agents and methods are, in general, very much the same. Perhaps the most profound of all the profound truths contained within the esoteric teachings are those of the unity of the Macrocosm or “Great Man” with the microcosm or individual man, and of the close similarity between the processes by which both become manifest and evolve. Man, in very truth, was created in the image of God. “The mystery of the earthly and mortal man is after the mystery of the supernal and immortal One.” [24] The universe is the manifestation of a Supreme, Deific Power, a ray of which is present in every man. Realisation of this presence as the true human individuality, the real Self, behind the bodily veil leads to the further realisation that this Dweller in the Innermost is itself forever at one with the Supreme Lord, the eternal Source of light and life and power.

H. P. Blavatsky refers to this unity and similarity in her monumental work, The Secret Doctrine :[25]

 “To the learner who would study the Esoteric Sciences with their double object: (a) of proving Man to be identical in spiritual and physical essence with both the Absolute Principle and with God in Nature; and (6) of demonstrating the presence in him of the same potential powers as exist in the creative forces in Nature—to such a one a perfect knowledge of the correspondences between Colours, Sounds, and Numbers is the first requisite. ... It is on the thorough knowledge and comprehension of the meaning and potency of these numbers, in their various and multiform combinations, and in their mutual correspondence with sounds or words, and colours or rates of motion (represented in physical science by vibrations), that the progress of a student in Occultism depends.”

“These seven senses of ours correspond with every other septenate in Nature and in ourselves. Physically, though invisibly, the human Auric Envelope (the amnion of the physical man in every age of Life) has seven layers, just as Cosmic Space and our physical epidermis have. It is this Aura which, according to our mental and physical state of purity or impurity, either opens for us vistas into other worlds, or shuts us out altogether from anything but this three-dimensional world of Matter.

“Each of our seven physical senses (two of which are still unknown to profane Science), and also of our seven states of consciousness—viz.: (1) waking; (2) waking-dreaming; (3) natural sleeping; (4) induced or trance sleep; (5) psychic; (6) super-psychic; and (7) purely spiritual^-corresponds with one of the seven Cosmic Planes, develops and uses one of the seven super-senses, and is connected directly, in its use on the terrestro-spiritual plane, with the cosmic and divine centre of force that gave it birth, and which is its direct creator. Each is also connected with, and under the direct influence of, one of the seven sacred Planets.”

Thus the Logos and man are not only one in essence but all that is in the Logos, which includes the Solar System, is innate in man. Their constitution is precisely similar, that is to say sevenfold. Man as Monad is also immanent within and transcendent beyond his field of manifestation, his seven principles. The creative power and processes by which a Solar System comes into being also operate in human procreation and subsequent bodily development. Significant, therefore, is the statement that “the proper study of mankind is man”. The injunction of the Mystery Schools of old, “Man know thyself”, was wise; for when man truly knows himself, he knows all.


In partial exposition of these great truths, in this Chapter the descent of the human Ego into incarnation[26] is considered and certain elairvoyantly observed processes of pre-natal life, in which angels participate, are described. Before this subject can be adequately presented, however, it is necessary to advance certain Theosophical teachings concerning the superphysical and spiritual nature of man.

Man is described as that being in whom highest spirit and lowest matter are united by intellect. Although this makes of him a triplicity, his constitution is said to be at least sevenfold. At the present stage of human evolution, the seven bodies or principles of man, beginning with the most dense, are stated to be the physical body, vehicle of thought, feeling, awareness, and action in the physical world; the etheric double, the connecting link between the inner and the outer man and the container of the vital energy or prana received physically from the sun and superphysically from the spiritual sun; the emotional or astral body, vehicle of desire; the mental body, vehicle of the formal mind and instrument of concrete thought; the higher mental or Causal Body, vehicle at the level of abstract mind of the threefold Spiritual Self, called by the Greeks the Augoeides and frequently referred to as the Ego; the Buddhic Body, vehicle of spiritual intuitiveness ; and the Atmic Body, vehicle of the spiritual will. Overshadowing and empowering the whole sevenfold man is the Dweller in the Innermost, the Monad or Divine Spark.

As the Macrocosmic creative process begins with the “Word”, so the microcosmic creation of the mental, astral and, later, the etheric and physical bodies of man is initiated by the utterance of the Egoic “Word”. At or near the time of conception, the physical permanent atom[27] of the Ego about to incarnate is attached by an angel to the twin cell then formed. The permanent or seed atoms are single, ultimate atoms of the planes of will, wisdom, abstract intelligence, formal thought, emotion and physical matter. At the beginning of the descent of the Monadic Ray into the evolutionary field they are attached to this life-thread or Ray of the Monad, which is thus represented on the third, fourth, fifth (that of both abstract and concrete thought), sixth and seventh planes of Nature, counting from above. The Monad itself is situated on the second plane and obtains communication with the planes below through its life-thread on which the atoms are thus strung.

At the opening of each cycle of rebirth, the microcosmic Word-force or Egoic power, life and consciousness descends down the thread of life connecting the Causal Body with the mental, astral and physical permanent or seed atoms. This triple stream of creative energy vibrates on frequencies expressive of the Egoic Ray[28] or Monadic classification, the evolutionary standing, the qualities of character and consciousness already developed and the karma,[29] both happy and unhappy in its outworking. All these are represented as “sounds” in the chord of the Egoic “Word” and modify greatly the parental characteristics transmitted via the mental and astral bodies and the ovum and spermatozoon. This creative power originates microcosmically in the Monad or the one indivisible Self of man, the integral spark within the Parent flame, by which the “Word” is primarily uttered. This Monadic “Word” is in its turn a chord in the Macrocosmic verbum.

The Causal or Egorc Body, the permanent vehicle of the Spiritual Self of man, the Augoeides, may be thought of as the microcosmic Archetype; it is the vehicle for and expression of Monadic creative power, tuned or coloured, as stated above, by the products of past experience, both on its own plane and through successive personalities. Thus is constituted the “Word” which the Ego in the Causal Body, as microcosm, utters creatively to initiate a new descent into incarnation.

The permanent atom on each plane, awakened from the relatively static condition of inter-incarnation periods, then becomes the focus for, and the transmitter on that plane of, the relayed Word-force. As centres of the magnetic fields they then set up, the permanent atoms attract the type of matter which is capable of response to the emitted wave lengths. This is especially the case as regards the preponderance of one or other of the primary Rays in Monad and Ego and of the three corresponding gunas [30]in matter. Thus, in the very substance of which bodies are built, as also in every other particular, perfect justice is automatically meted out to every individual as regards the mental, emotional and physical equipment with which life’s journey is begun.


This stage immediately following conception may perhaps be compared to that in Macrocosmic processes at which the “Word” has produced the Archetype, and through that the magnetic centres with their fields, within and round which the planets will later be formed. The principles governing the formation of the mental, astral and physical bodies are the same at the three levels, but in order to present as clear an account of the results of my observations as possible, the process of building the physical body in utero will be in part described.

As above stated, at the moment of germination the physical permanent atom is attached by an angel to the newly-formed twin cell. This presence of the permanent atom, vivified by the descending, Egoic, creative energy or micro- cosmic Word-force, bestows upon the twin-celled organism its ordered, biological impetus, causes it, in fact, to grow according to the “Word”.

The creative energy, now emitted into and through the permanent atom and twin cell, is found to produce at least four results:

First, the establishment of a field or sphere of influence within which the building is to occur. This corresponds to the formation of the Ring-Pass-Not of the Solar System in Macrocosmic creation, represents the range of the emitted rays, and serves to insulate an area against the intrusion of foreign vibrations and substances.

Second, the magnetisation or attunement of the matter within this field. The play of creative energy brings surrounding matter into vibrational harmony with the individual about to incarnate.

Third, the production of a form. This form, which might be regarded as the etheric mould into which the physical body will be built, must now be described in some detail, such description delaying reference to the fourth effect of the emitted Word-force. Clairvoyantly examined, the pre-natal etheric mould, which appears very soon after conception, resembles a baby body built of etheric matter, somewhat self- luminous, vibrating slightly, a living being, the etheric projection of the Archetype as modified by karma.

Within the etheric mould there is to be seen, in terms of flowing energy or lines of force, each on its own wave length, a sketch plan of the whole body. Every type of tissue-to-be is represented, differing from other types because the energy of which it is an end-product is itself on another frequency. Thus the bony structure, muscular and vascular tissues, the nerves, the brain and other substances, are all represented in the etheric mould by currents of energy on specific frequencies.

The play of the emitted vibrations on the free surrounding matter may possibly be the factor which causes atoms to enter into differing molecular combinations to produce various types of tissue. These molecules are attracted towards the lines of force and “settle” into their appropriate places in the growing body by virtue of sympathetic vibration or mutual resonance. Thus, again, every part of the physical body in substance and in form exactly fits the incarnating Ego. Karmic deficiencies, which are to work out in terms of malformation, weakness and disease, are represented in the mould by dissonances, or even breaks in the particular lines of force along and according to which the tissues are built.

To digress briefly, if this generalisation be at all accurate, the whole body—as also the Solar System—can be expressed in terms of frequency, each type of tissue and each organ having its own wave length, note and colour, these in their turn varying in states of health and of disease. In perfect health, every part is in tune and the chord of the human body perfectly harmonised. In ill-health the opposite exists; there is a dissonance at some part or other. The chord is out of tune. The true art of healing, therefore, is that of the restoration of rhythm.

Fourth of the effects of germination is the evocation of the devic builders of form. The class or order of these which is evoked is also decided by resonance. Thus, nature spirits of the building order in the immediate neighbourhood, which are in vibrational attunement with the currents or notes in Word-force emitted by the reincarnating individual, alone hear and respond. Arriving on the scene, they enter the sphere of influence and find themselves in an atmosphere entirely congenial to them, because ruled by their own inherent chord. They then proceed instinctively to absorb into themselves, and therefore further to specialise, the free matter, after which they assist in its vibrationally-governed deposit into its appropriate place in the growing structure of the body.


The building angels at the astral and mental levels, in addition to the supervision of these processes through the instinctive response of the nature spirits to their thought, concern themselves also with the construction and extremely delicate adjustment of the mechanism of consciousness. This consists physically of the body itself, the cerebro-spinal system with the seven nerve and glandular centres, situated at the sacrum, the spleen, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, and the pituitary and the pineal glands. At the etheric level, the etheric counterparts of these centres and glands, and in addition the etheric chakras,[31] must be perfectly adjusted to the physical organs, the health and efficiency of which they govern. Similarly, in the astral and mental bodies the seven chakras in their turn must be adapted to the corresponding etheric and physical parts of the mechanism. A sevenfold mode of manifestation in the body, and seven channels through which it can gain experience therein, are thus provided for the Ego by the chakras and their corresponding physical centres. These human chakras are projections of the seven corresponding vortices in the planetary and Solar Archetypes, and, with devic assistance, are produced by the play of Word-force from them through the human Causal Body.

Here, also, numerical principles are involved. Each of the chakras has its own specific chord or group of frequencies, colours and numbers of divisions resembling the petals of a flower. Through each there flows a type of energy, life and consciousness, vibrationally in harmony with that chord. When karma is favourable to perfect function, the chord of each chakra is perfectly harmonised, the seven in tune with each other and with each of the bodies in which they exist, as also with the corresponding centres in the other bodies. Under such conditions perfect health and efficiency of function are assured. When there is dissonance—created by transgressions, mental, emotional or physical and the consequent malformation or distortion of the chakras—imperfection of function is the result. The karma of disease would seem to operate primarily by disturbing vibrational attune- ment. A break in the rhythm of descending energies at any level ultimately causes ill-health in the physical body. It would appear, therefore, that final healing must come from within the sufferer, from the Ego itself; for from the Ego— the human Archetype—alone is emitted creative, and therefore corrective and curative, energy on groups of frequencies numerically expressive of the ideal form.

In successful spiritual healing, a flood of corrective and vitalising force descends through the Ego and superphysical bodies and their chakras into the physical body, sweeping out inharmonious substances, restoring harmony and therefore the free and unimpeded flow of the inner life-force throughout the whole Nature. The Healing Angels carry out their mission largely, but not entirely, by the use of this power, by restoration of the full function of the chakras concerned, and on occasion by the actual change of substances in the superphysical, etheric and physical bodies. They also direct a powerful stream of cleansing, vitalising and healing forces from their own auras and other natural reservoirs through the physical, etheric and astral bodies especially, thereby set- hng up conditions under which the natural processes of elimination and of healing can restore the sufferer to health.

Throughout the pre-natal period and for the whole of the lifetime, Egoic Word-force is continuously emitted through the permanent atoms, the chakras and the superphysical and physical bodies. When injury occurs, it is this ever-active, formative power which makes possible the repair and rebuilding of tissue according to the original form. In this process, also, angels and nature spirits play their constructive parts.[32] Thus, up to the moment of death, when the Ego withdraws, the physical body is subjected to the influence of the Egoic “Word”. The disordered post mortem cell and bacterial activity known as decay is due to the absence of this directive influence of the Ego. As the astral and mental bodies are in their turn laid aside, the “Word” also becomes astrally and mentally silent, the Ego having withdrawn into the subjective condition of creative rest and heavenly bliss.[33] From this, in due course, it awakens. Again the Word-force is emitted and a new incarnation begins.

Since man is an epitome of the Solar System, a micro- cosmic manifestation of the Macrocosm, close resemblances are found between the creative processes described above and those by which a universe comes into being. In man, the microcosm and Macrocosm meet. This cannot be said of the angels since they do not normally possess etheric and physical bodies; neither is it true of animals who are without the three higher principles of Will, Wisdom and abstract Intelligence. In man, however, the full possibilities of Macrocos- mic self-expression are contained. The purpose of his existence is the unfolding from within of his Macrocosmic powers, that he may in his turn attain to the stature of the Logos of a Solar System, “perfect as his Father which is in Heaven is perfect” [34].  One might almost assume that since the same principles govern Macrocosmic and microcosmic creative processes, repeated incarnation provides the training and practice necessary for man’s later Macrocosmic manifestation of creative power.