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THE manner of the original creation or physical formation of mineral substances, whether crystalline and capable of crystallisation or amorphous (colloidal) is as yet unknown to science. In offering the results of attempted observations of the process. I do not for a moment presume to have solved this problem. If what follows is of any worth, it may perhaps be regarded as the observations of a single onlooker which may later be found to have some validity.

The existence of physical agencies is partly, but not wholly, sufficient to account for the appearance of minerals. They are known to be functions of heat and pressure in certain ratios and aqueous vapours, but why a substance crystallises, generally into a characteristic geometrical form or molecular arrangement, is, as yet, unknown. Crystals of regular design always appear when a solution of substance is allowed to evaporate and the same substance usually assumes the same crystal form, e.g. salt in cubes, alum in octahedra, nitre in prisms. The term growth is applied to minerals, but this is not regarded as being the result of the addition of newly formed substance but rather of the activity of external agencies which change the contents. The majority of crystalline minerals pre-existed and were gradually deposited in rocks by percolating water or from the molten state as the earth cooled down.


One part of the explanation offered by Theosophy consists of one aspect of what is called the Logos Doctrine. In one sense, and as far as my understanding goes, this implies the emission of a formative or shape-producing electro-spiritual energy—the noumenon of physical electricity—of the order or quality of sound, a soniferous creative force or Word, a creative chord. In terms of frequency of oscillation, the notes of this chord are expressive of the component ideas of an archetype pre-conceived and held in the major Creative Mind throughout Manvantara.[17] This archetypal idea partly serves as a dynamic model in the superphysical worlds for the shaping of etheric and physical matter into the conceived pattern. This is the source of the impulse which causes inorganic and organic substance to assume geometrically- governed forms and of the organising, pattern-assuming characteristic of protoplasm.

THE BUILDERS[edit source]

My own observations suggest that the form-producing process is aided by the actions of Hierarchies of Creative Intelligences—Archangels and their angel hosts—who, as embodiments of Universal Intelligence, know the design or archetypes and, by allying themselves with the Word-force, enhance or amplify its formative capacity. These Beings live in the superphysical worlds and act perpetually as form- moulding agencies, according to the Word. It should be understood that the terms spiritual and superphysical do not imply spatial separation from the physical universe. Matter at every degree of density co-exists spatially, the finer interpenetrating the denser. The laboratory of Nature and its “engineers”, “artists” and “chemists” are within physical substance, somewhat as Hertzian waves are transmitted through the air and an electrical current along a wire. Both protyle [18]and protoplasm are “charged” from within by an indwelling, immanent, thought-directed, creative, formative Life-force.

At the etheric-physical level, the Hierarchies of Creative Intelligences are represented by the minor builders of form, the nature spirits, the Sephiroths in miniature, who operate instinctually, largely by playing along the lines of force— stimulating to them—which form the geometrical patterns set up in the all-pervasive ether by the emitted and vibrating THOUGHT-WORD-FORCE.

THE” WORD”[edit source]

In Chapter I the concept was presented of the Logos as Musician and the continuous process of creation as the performance of a great symphony. This, “the Great Work”, He conceived and developed in earlier creative “Days’[19], and perchance perfected it in the silence and darkness of intermediate, creative “Night”. When once more there is to be light, He “speaks” and by the power of His “Word” brings all things into being. This first expression of the “motif” of the new universe is “heard” or responded to by virgin matter, and the planes of Nature with their forms and inhabitants gradually appear. Into these the Logos pours forth perpetually His Life that they may live, this being His continuous sacrifice, His everlasting oblation.

The Logos or Verbum is, in reality, no word or voice of any Being. It is pure Will expressive of the presumed purpose or intent of the divine Father-Mother in bringing forth the Universe. It is the irresistible, all-pervasive, inherent impulse to self-expression, expansion (hence the name of Brahma, from the Sanskrit word brih, to expand and grow) and fullness which reigns at the heart of all Nature and all Creation from the highest to the lowest. It is the will to fullness which “sounds forth” at that Cosmic moment when divine Ideation is first emanated as Will-Light from the Absolute.

Throughout the Cosmic Days and Years which follow, that Will-Light calls into existence suns, planets, beings, in obedience to law. Level after level and plane after plane of increasing density come into existence and gradually embody and show forth the Will-Light. Monads flash forth their Rays. Beings are emanated and inhabit the planes. Deeper and deeper penetrates the Cosmic Will-Thought-Word, awakening the sleeping substance, forcing its atoms to answer, to embody and echo, or re-sound, the Cosmic Word. The Light shines forth from the Centre to illumine the darkness and render visible the hitherto invisible robes in which the All-Mother is enwrapped.

The Will becomes more potent. The Sound of the Word becomes louder and the Light becomes brighter as the Aeons pass. The Monads become more radiant and their forth- flashed Monadic Rays wider and more brilliant. The denser regions assume the intended forms. The outer darknesses give way to Light, and where once there was Chaos, divine Order rules.

In each and every being thus called into existence as dweller and toiler in the created worlds, the Cosmic processes are, microcosmically, reproduced and fulfilled in parallel. As the whole responds so does every part. In man, as one such dweller and toiler in the worlds, the inertia and silence inherent in matter give place to rhythmic motion and to the “heard” and “answered” creative Voice. In man, as in universe, darkness is displaced by light.

The universal “Word” when uttered becomes manifest as myriads of chords, each a coherent, self-existent sound with its force and light manifestations. Each chord appears as a relatively changeless, abstract form, Archetype or divine idea, in the higher worlds of each of the planets. These Archetypes in their turn sound their “word”, “relaying” into the lower worlds the primal Word-force. Magnetic fields are set up therein, matter is drawn into them and, with the aid of the Gods, is moulded into evolving forms. These forms, vivified by divine Life, become the abode of intelligences (the Monads) at the mineral, plant, animal, human and superhuman phases of development. As a result of experience in the forms, these intelligences, assisted by the Gods, gradually unfold their innate faculties and powers until the degree of development set both for them and for the forms has been attained. The Gods are thus conceived both as builders of form and assistants in the evolution of consciousness.

When this standard has been reached by all beings and, in obedience to the law of cycles, the time limit of objective manifestation has been attained, the whole Solar System is withdrawn into the subjective state. In this condition it remains until under the same cyclic law it reappears and the process of development or ascent is continued from the point reached at the close of the preceding period of objective manifestation. Occult philosophy sees this process as continuing indefinitely, there being no limit to the evolutionary possibilities. This orderly progression has no conceivable beginning and no imaginable end.


The creative energies of which all forms are the product, first emitted as sound by the utterance of the “Word”, may be thought of as arising from a central, spiritual Source, represented physically by the sun. At their source, these energies have tremendous potency. The whole race of the Gods from the Solar Archangels to the planetary angels serve somewhat as electrical transformers. They receive into themselves the primordial, creative power, and as if by resistance to its flow reduce its “voltage”. From the Solar Gods it passes through their lesser brethren, rank upon rank, until it reaches the physical worlds. There, with the assistance of the nature spirits, it throws matter into shapes conceived by the Creative Mind.


[[Image:]]The capacity of sound to produce forms may perhaps find support from sonorous figures which can be formed by the vibrations of substance emitting a musical tone. Geometrical figures are, for example, formed by sand on a plate of glass or metal when the bow of a violin is drawn along the edge. Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni (1756-1827), a German physicist, produced geometrical acoustic figures which were formed by the nodal lines in a vibrating plate, made visible by sprinkling sand on a plate, where it settles on the lines of least resistance. Jules A. Lissajous, a French scientist (1822-1880), produced figures formed by curves due to the combination of two simple harmonic motions. They are commonly exhibited by the successive reflections of a beam oflight from the prongs of two tuning forks or by the mechanical tracing of the resultant motion of two pendulums as in a, harmonograph, or by means of Wheatstone’s rods. Lissa- jous also produced figures given by a horizontal and a vertical tuning fork vibrating simultaneously. The figures differ when the forks are either in unison or at varying differences of phase and of notes apart. If the capacity of physical sound to produce forms may also be attributed to sonorous creative energy or Word-force emitted at superphysical levels, then the Logos Doctrine finds some scientific support.

The Order of the Gods who thus assist the Logos in the process of the production of evolving forms by the utterance of the “Word”, are known as the Builders. The members of the higher ranks of this Order—one race of which is known in Hinduism as the Gandharvas or Gods of Music[20]—are aware of the creative intent, perceive and know the Archetypes or divine ideas. By self-unification with the descending Word-force, particularly with such streams as are vibrating at frequencies which are identical with those of their own nature, they amplify them and consequently augment their form-producing power. For within the Order of the Builders are hierarchies which are manifestations of those chords in the creative “Word” of which the Archetypes and forms are expressions. This affinity of vibration draws the particular hierarchy into its appropriate field of work as form-builders in the four kingdoms of Nature.

Gold, for example, may be regarded as the physical product of creative energy vibrating at the frequency at which gold is manifest in terms of force. Gold, as also all substances, is represented in the creative “Word” as a chord, which is the expression in terms of sound of the divine idea of gold. This Word-force is emitted from the spiritual Source and, impinging upon virgin matter, by processes previously described, causes it physically to assume the typical molecular arrangement and crystalline form of gold.

THE GODS OF GOLD[edit source]

This process is not purely automatic. There is a hierarchy of Gods, the chord of whose nature is identical with that of gold. They may be thought of as the divine idea of gold manifest as an Order of living beings. Members of this hierarchy are drawn by vibratory affinity into the streams of gold force which are constantly descending from the creative Source into the physical world. Their presence and assistance intensify the component frequencies and thereby augment the form-producing power of the Word-force. Thus, part of the function of the Gods of gold, as also of all Gods of the Order of the Builders, is to assist in the process of the production of physical substances and forms.[21]

On the surface of such a gold-bearing reef as the Wit- watersrand in South Africa, I have seen numbers of Gods and nature spirits associated with the creative force, the ensouling life and the indwelling consciousness of gold. Above them both spatially and in evolution, were groups of higher Gods, whilst beyond these again, dimly perceived, was the one planetary Intelligence of Gold. This great Being appeared to be merged, as Co-ordinator, Director and Awakener, with the force, the life and the consciousness of Gold.

On the Rand, at the levels of emotion and concrete thought, a Gold group consciousness exists. This is separated from other mineral groups by its enveloping membrane, the differences of the frequency of gold creative force and the fact of the superior development of the ensouling life of gold. The descending force, if described diagrammatically rather than actually, or from a three-rather than a four-dimensional viewpoint, resembles roughly a glowing, conical shaft of sunlight shining from the apex which is the planetary creative Source, down into the earth. The life within the stream is more highly coloured and more awake than that of any other mineral in this region. Attuned to its frequency or rhythm, I felt its power playing through my own bodies, arousing, stimulating all that corresponds to gold in the human constitution.[22]

The hosts of the Gods of gold were seen moving amidst the descending stream of gold power. As shown on Plate 18, these are somewhat feminine in appearance. The face gives the impression of a very pale, almost colourless skin. The “hair” —in reality streaming force—is flaxen with a glint of gold. The aura sweeps down in flowing curves, widening as it descends in bands of very soft shades of leaf green, rose, yellow and delicate blue. The lower third of the aura is filled with myriads of points of gold light. These are all in rapid motion and grow more and more numerous towards the “hem” of this lovely auric robe. The whole form and aura of the God—or Goddess—shine brilliantly with the sheen of gold.

These lesser Gods of gold are curiously impassive. Occasionally those near the surface of the veldt move slowly in a chainlike interweaving, as of a movement in some stately dance. At the same time they maintain a graceful motion of the arms, as in the hand-sowing of seed. , Apparently oblivious of externals, they use their minds to impart to the “descending” triple stream of gold power, life and consciousness an additional force and individuality. Even if the attention of one of them is caught and held, it sees one but dimly as if through a gold mist and makes no effort to respond.

Various types of nature spirits are down in the depths, often a mile below. Some have weird, satyr-like bodies— etheric relics of Nature’s unaided efforts to build forms in earlier cycles—with long, thin, pointed faces and nude, swart bodies of human shape, save that the legs and feet of subterranean rock. They appear to be manipulating earth forces, using tremendous will-power in the process, as if they were hammering and welding the descending energies into homogeneity and solidarity. This work is, however, not manual but the result of instinctively exerted will. They seem to gain great satisfaction from this activity, to experience a feeling of mastery over powerful forces which gives them the impulse to sustain their concentration.

The gold appears amongst the rock like tiny beads, whilst the smallest gold nature spirits moving around and within them resemble minute bacteria of spiral form, in colour glowing gold. At the etheric level, myriads of them are “swimming” about in the descending stream where the deposits occur. The whole gives the impression of a vast laboratory with innumerable workers, in which elements are continually being formed and over which a Mastermind presides.

The Gods and nature spirits of gold do not appear to resent the mining. They are utterly impersonal and wherever the gold is taken they are in contact with the life within it. Similarly the rock gnomes do not resent rocks being broken up. On the contrary, explosions and drilling stimulate them and they revel in the display of power, not caring that the rock is shattered. Indeed, they are less aware of the solid rock than of the force compressed within it. They can see the boring tools but are not normally aware of men, being so remote in terms of frequency from man that they are almost blind to human existence. They regard their own participation somewhat as a great game which they enjoy because it stimulates them to added awareness and increased activity.


As far as my observations go, similar creative processes occur in the organic kingdoms of Nature. The problems connected with organic life are profound and, as when referring to the formation of minerals, I do not presume to offer final solutions of them. It is admitted that chemical characteristics alone do not constitute living, organic material. Life is presumed to be present, but it has up to now eluded scientific research. The various processes of biological organisation leading to the development of form, such as progression from a fertilised egg to the adult plant or animal, are as yet a profound enigma.

Some of the machinery of this progression has been discovered. Genes and chromosomes control development to some extent and step into the process at the right time and place, but the emergence of the form of a body from the fertilised seed appears to demand the operation of a designing and co-ordinating mind; for regulatory activity is shown in all types of biological organisation arising in a series of orderly steps from the mysterious substance known as protoplasm. The form of the body is assumed to be immanent in the fertilised egg, but how that which is latent becomes objective is, as yet, unknown. Under the microscope, a section of a group of cells from which a plant or fruit will develop looks like a chaos of dividing cells. Nevertheless, each cell has its particular task in the combination and the whole organism is part of a patterned system.

CELL GROWTH[edit source]

A living cell is able to store up energy which leads to growth and the process of reproduction. Simple materials, unlike themselves but of the same atomic structure, are absorbed as food. Plant cells absorb carbon dioxide, for example, and under photo-synthesis can build up carbohydrates. A crystal, however, only grows in material which is the same as itself. The more evolved condition than in minerals of the indwelling life of plants is also indicated by the ability of living organisms to react to external stimuli, such as sunlight, and to display powers of self-preservation or maintenance of identity and integrity, and by observed behaviour.

The presence of this indwelling and evolving life is so far undetectable by science but not necessarily by the higher senses of man. It is, however, being regarded as a logical necessity in view of the behaviour of living matter. Whether this life essence universally distributed throughout space is called “cosmoszoa” or “panspermia”, under right conditions it plays its essential part in giving rise to living matter. In addition, the cell grows by the deposit of electrically-charged particles or ions. Charged molecules are deposited in correct balance so that perfect development may take place for the particular organism.


The processes of germination, cell division and specialisation according to types of structure to be built are thought to occur partly as a result of self-energising processes. Within the seed, minute bodies, called genes, transmit hereditary qualities. These contain an enzyme system and act as organisers which give birth to particular functions of the total form which is to grow. These processes are initiated as a result of adequate stimulation such as the union of the positive and the negative germ cell. This then starts to divide without an initial increase in size. Thereafter, different types of cells begin to evolve in order to produce different types of tissue. After a certain phase, an increase of substance from outside occurs and this is organised into types according to the structure and function of the organism-to-be. A shaping, formative agency produces changes in the energy relationships within the structure affecting the speed of division of the cells, the metabolic rate and the chemical constitution of individual types of cells. All this occurs according to the Anlagen (German, prototype) of organs which will later be formed.

REGENERATION[edit source]

The processes of regeneration are as mysterious as those which bring about the original formation from protoplasm. A plant, for example, will regenerate roots if the shoot is cut oif. If a young animal embryo is divided into two cells and one of them is killed, the remaining one will develop into a whole animal. The head end of an earthworm which has been cut in two will grow a new tail and the giant sequoia will rebuild trunk tissue after having been burned almost to a shell. Both growth and regeneration are clearly occurring under control according to a characteristic design.

The control consists, says Theosophy, of an indwelling, universal directing Intelligence containing, if not wholly consisting of, the thought of the universe and all it will ever produce, reproduce, generate and regenerate at all stages of growth and throughout every phase of evolutionary development. Progression according to pattern or organised assumption of characteristic forms, stage by stage, is produced or established as a function of protoplasm by the agency of an emitted, form-producing electrical potency, in some ways similar to that of sound. This form-producing energy, originally emitted at superphysical levels and frequencies by the Universal Mind as Emanator and Architect of the universe, is inherent and active within matter itself, and so within protoplasm, bestowing upon it its impulse and capacity progressively and timelessly to produce patterned cell changes to the end of the construction of cell-built types of tissue. As elsewhere described, embodiments of this Universal Mind, certain Hierarchies of Angelic Hosts, assist in these processes.

Occult science thus teaches that nothing which exists is truly inanimate. Life is present in the mineral as in all other forms. Every seed, and especially every germ, is informed or ensouled by a vital energy which causes it to germinate and develop according to its species.


A living centre which contains the stored-up results of the previous season as a vibratory possibility is in the heart of every seed. The seasonal awakening or stirring to life in an appropriate soil produces a subtle equivalent to “sound”. This “sound” is then “heard” in the elemental regions surrounding its source and the nature spirit builders answer the call. Every type of growth—stem, shoot, leaf and flower— has its own note or call, to which the appropriate builder responds. As sound itself has a form-producing effect, it is the means by which the archetypal form of the plant, latent in the seed and in the minds of a superior order of nature spirits, is projected to the etheric level as a patterned shape. Some of the results of this vibratory call from the seed are:

(1)   To separate and insulate the atmosphere around the seed.

(2)   To set the matter within the insulated space vibrating at the required rate, and to specialise it in readiness for the work of the nature spirit builders.

(3)   To call the builders who, entering the specialisedsphere, are then able to materialise themselves down to the level at which they have to work.

(4)   To assist in shaping an etheric pattern or mouldof the plant as a guide or a ground-plan, ready for the builders.

Different vibrational “cells” arise, as stem, shoot, leaf and flower have in turn to be built and the corresponding builders then arrive- to work at their own appropriate task.

The subtle sound appears to radiate not only from the life centre of the seed, but also from every embryo cell as each develops. The builder concerned with that cell absorbs the material required—that which responds to the same vibration as itself and the cell it is building—and transforms it by changing it from free to specialised material. This substance then passes to the cell from which the sound is uttered and is built into the etheric pattern. The cell is thus gradually nourished and enlarged till it reaches its proper limit, when it divides and the process is repeated. While the material is in close association with the builder it is not only specialised to suit the growing cell; it is also coloured by the vibratory rate of the tiny nature spirit concerned.

When examining bulbs growing in bowls, I have seen large numbers of these microscopic, etheric creatures moving in and around the growing plants. They are visible at the etheric level as points of light playing around the stem and passing in and out of the bulb. They absorb matter from the surrounding atmosphere, which they deposit on re-entering the tissues, and this process goes on continuously until the plant is full-grown. The creatures are entirely self-absorbed and sufficiently self-conscious to experience a dim sense of well-being and even of affection for the plant. When outside of it and absorbing matter, they become enlarged and look like pale violet and lilac-coloured spheres about two inches in diameter. Having expanded to the largest size of which they are capable they return and, as stated above, reenter the plant, into which they discharge the matter and vital force which they have absorbed.

In addition to this, the plants themselves can be seen to take in directly a certain amount of substance from the atmosphere. There is also a natural outflow of vital energy from the half-grown plants to about two feet above and all around them and in this other tiny creatures play and dance. The nature spirit builders do not confine their work to one plant or even to one bowl; for when bowls are near each other, they flit about from one to the other. The bulbs themselves give the impression of being small power houses, each charged with potent forces. The etheric colour of the bulb when growing is pinkish-violet, with an intenser light in the centre, from which rises an upward-flowing etheric stream, carrying with it, at a slower pace, both physical moisture and nutriment.

Each change in structure and colour calls for another group of builders and when the bulb begins to be formed, an appropriate order of nature spirits arrives on the scene. When the flower itself begins to be built, the fairies proper appear, and they are responsible for all the colouring and the structure of the bloom. Flower fairies are sufficiently aware of their special work to take a keen pleasure in its performance. They remain in close attendance as each bud and petal develops and appear to be appreciative of human admiration of the results of their labours. When flowers are cut, the fairy builders may accompany the blooms and stay with them for some hours. By the time the bloom is fully out, the creative chord or “Word” of the plant is fully sounding forth. All the appropriate nature spirits are then present and at work.

Similarly, everywhere throughout Nature, all substances and all forms owe their existence to the ever-uttered, creative “Word” and to the activity of the nature spirits and the Gods. When we look upon Nature’s varied forms, her metals and jewels, her flowers, trees and forests, her rivers, lakes and falls, her oceans, her hills and mountain ranges, we are gazing indeed not only upon the materialised auras of the Gods but, if with all reverence one may say so, upon God Himself. For Nature is but God revealed, God’s dream made manifest by the continued utterance of His “Word”, the chant of His mighty Name, and the ceaseless constructive and beautifying ministry of the greater and lesser Gods. By these, and doubtless by many other means, He brings into existence all beings and all things and sustains them by the perpetual sacrificial outpouring of His Life.