LCS:The Soul and it's Instrument/Lesson 2

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In this lesson we shall begin our study of the constitution of that entity called humanity. This will provide the basis from which to proceed to eventual understanding of the threefold human entity and its utilization in the working out of the Divine Plan.

We shall break down the human atom, as it is called, into its three major aspects. Since you have at present no method of proving or disproving that which I shall communicate, I ask you to proceed with an open mind accepting for the present the following information as a hypothesis with which to experiment. As your experiments develop you will be able to prove the truth in experience. Remember that reality only becomes factual as it is worked out on the physical plane in concrete form.

As regards your experimentation, proceed with extreme care, experimenting only along those lines indicated in these lessons, and only after you have sufficient information to warrant experimentation. Remember that knowledge without understanding can be dangerous. I rely upon your good judgment, ability to follow instructions and your right motive.

The three major aspects of the human atom are:

1. The Monad.

This is the positive central life that is characterized by the Will to Be. Its motion is forward progression, its force is propulsion and its quality is defined as being electrical.

You may or may not have heard of Monadic consciousness. We shall attempt to clarify the term, but any attempt to bring understanding of this state to your present state of consciousness is almost futile. It is the consciousness of the One rather than the many, having nothing whatsoever to do with form as you know form.

Monadic communication as such does not exist. That which is termed “Monadic communication” is the interpretation the Soul gives to Monadic impulse; and even that word “impulse” carries different connotations than does the term as used by present day science.

The plane that is known as Divine Mind is the home of the Monad, and this plane, too, is most difficult of definition. It lies above the Divine Plan and yet it is the perfect plan. It lies above thought and yet it is the perfect thought. It lies above form and yet it is the perfect form. From this formless One proceed the many. From this unconscious state proceeds the states of consciousness.

I realize that this does not mean much to most of you and yet seeds must be planted and will in time germinate.

2. The Soul or consciousness aspect.

This has been defined so many times and in so many ways and yet still I find little understanding among you. The Soul is the conscious thinking entity indwelling the human form. It is the neutron, that which experiences, that which absorbs and that which radiates. Its motion is spirallic, its force is radiation and its quality is love or pure reason.

The Soul is consciousness and we find it in many different stages. Everything that is — is animated by life; the nature of that life being some degree of consciousness and resultant activity. I am not here speaking of self awareness for that is only one state of consciousness. The rock, the vegetable, the animal, the human are all conscious. The human has awareness of self. Concentrated into the human atom are all the stages of awareness — some developed, some latent; thus humanity is created in the image and likeness of God Himself.

3. The personality.

We spoke of this in the first lesson of the series as being a conditional state of existence into which the Soul focuses itself.

It is related to the negative electron that is characterized by activity. Its motion is rotary, its force is repulsion and its quality is relativity.

In considering these three major aspects I shall give you three words upon which to meditate for further clarification:

  1. Monad — Synthesis
  2. Soul — Magnetic attraction
  3. Personality — Relationship

Each of these three aspects is also a triplicity and for purpose of study should be broken down into their three component parts. This I shall do for you. However, I do not expect you to understand or even grasp the significance of that which is imparted at this time. Simply file it away for future reference.

1. Monad

  • Will or motivating impulse
  • Love or synthesis
  • Intelligence or activity

2. Soul

  • Spiritual or super human, referred to as the Christ consciousness
  • Human
  • Animal or subhuman

3. Personality

  • Mental
  • Astral or emotional
  • Physical or etheric

Let us now consider these three major aspects from a little different angle, that of energy and motion. We have three distinct types of energy moving in three major patterns in three frequency ranges. It is the pattern of movement, and, of course, the frequency that determines the form any body of energy will take.

Monadic energies move in a straight line forward, thus we have evolution.

Solar energy moves in a spirallic pattern, thus we have the development of consciousness.

Personality energy moves in a rotary pattern, thus we have experience.

Time and space as we know them are phenomena of personality energy.

Affinity or attraction is a phenomenon of Solar energy.

Progress is a phenomenon of Monadic energy.

For contemplation I shall list certain further manifestations of the three types of energy as they are stepped down and work out on the three planes of human endeavor:

Monadic Soular Personality
Synthesis Magnetic Attraction Repulsion
Progress Awareness Change
Inspiration Intuition Instinct
Eternity Creation Time and space
Will Love Activity
Power Wisdom Knowledge
Cosmic awareness Universal awareness Self awareness
Continuity Life Death

Though all of this may not seem clear to you now, once again I ask you to file it away for future reference. Disciples must learn to think in terms of energy before they are initiate. Later you will relate this information to other information and understand much that is now only vague and difficult. In the meantime, try to realize that you are an aggregate of many energies manifesting in a world of energies and reacting to the impact of many energies upon your own energy body. It is your direction and control of your quota of energy that determines your evolution of consciousness and its consequent experiences.

Today we find the human entity entering into that stage of development wherein some of the Laws of the Soul begin to govern experience. This is because of certain Soul energies that are pouring down into race mind consciousness and stimulating spiritual awareness.

That these energies are misinterpreted and wrongly directed is true, but this is ever true as new energies make their presence felt. A transition period always manifests and precipitates a series of crises in which the entities concerned must make a choice and so determine the path they will take.

Now, as never before in the history of the race, the opportunities for group service to a needy world are great. Groups united in purpose can lift humanity out of the darkness into the light if they so choose. Whatever path humanity takes will have been the result of group decision. Think on this.

How is that decision made? You may well ask this question, for it is not made suddenly and in the twinkling of an eye. It is made daily as disciples put into activity those energies that are theirs to direct. Those energies we shall consider as three-fold for the moment — mental energy, emotional energy and physical energy.

As disciples accept, embody and radiate Truth consciously, and with the goal in mind, their decision is made and the forces of light are strengthened. Every word which is impulsed by Divine Love, and formed with a clear mind, brings the Christ consciousness that much closer. Every act of selfless service swings humanity onto the path.