LCS:The Soul and it's Instrument

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Lesson  1[edit source]

Introduction To Group Work

  • Group Responsibility to the World Group and Humanity
  • Individual Responsibility to the Group
  • Assessment of Motivations for the Work
  • Identity: Personality, Soul and Creativity
  • Habits and the Recognized Need for Discipline and Application

Lesson  2[edit source]

The Constitution Of The Human Entity

  • The Monad,
  • The Soul or Consciousness Aspect,
  • The Personality,
  • The Threefold Movement of Manifestation,
  • Further Clarification of the Monad, Soul and Personality

Lesson  3[edit source]

The Threefold Instrument of contact and the Etheric Network

  • The Four Major Energies of the Etheric Body
  • The Seven Centers or Chakras of the Etheric Body
  • Meditation on the Etheric Body

Lesson  4[edit source]

Three Major Classifications Of Soul Consciousness

  • Spiritual Soul, Human Soul and Animal Soul Defined,
  • The Dual Nature of the Concrete Mind, Observing the Mental Process,
  • The Four Stages of Human Development Visible Today

Lesson  5[edit source]

The Planetary Etheric Body As A Vehicle Of Synthesis

  • The Threefold Personality and the Need for Integration,
  • The Etheric Body as the Medium of Communication,
  • Meditation for Cleansing the Mental Body

Lesson  6[edit source]

The Astral Body And The Emotional Nature, Part 1

  • Three attitudes which hinder growth
  • Fear, attachment to phenomena, and refusal to recognize the astral plane
  • The astral body as the power factor of manifestation

Lesson  7[edit source]

The Astral Body And The Emotional Nature, Part 2

  • The astral plane as a convergence of many forms, worlds and energies
  • The individual astral body and its contact with the physical body
  • Three methods of cleansing the astral body
  • Inherent dangers of past systems and the astral body
  • A mantram for truth

Lesson  8[edit source]

The Astral Body And The Emotional Nature, Part 3

  • The future and the astral body;
  • Four ways to recognize astral polarization
  • Movement from astral to mental polarization
  • Methods of attaining mental polarization
  • A meditation for group service

Lesson  9[edit source]

The Mental Body And The Plane Of Mind, Part 1

  • Clarification of terminology: consciousness, mind and mental body
  • The threefold consciousness of the individual
  • The “individual” mind and the creation of thought
  • The division of the Universal Mind: Divine Mind, Abstract Mind and Concrete Mind

Lesson 10[edit source]

The Mental Body And The Plane Of Mind, Part 2

  • The mental body, its form and substance
  • Each vehicle occupies the same time and space
  • The layers and density of mental substance
  • The center (chakra) system and the layers of the mind

Lesson 11[edit source]

The Mental Body And The Plane Of Mind, Part 3

  • Characteristics of mental polarization
  • The synthesis of the lower mind into a working unit
  • Mental polarization as a requirement for progress upon the Path
  • The inward movement and alignment with the Soul
  • Recapitulation of polarization and alignment

Lesson 12[edit source]

The Creative Process And The Rebuilding Of The Persona

  • The Focus of the Aspirant in the Ajna, Acting “as if”
  • The Cave as the Blending of Will and Wisdom,
  • How Creativity is Utilized Through the Meditation Process,
  • A Meditation Form for the Manifestation of the Soul Oriented Persona

Lesson 13[edit source]

The Body Of Knowledge And Energies From Past Lives, Part 1

  • The Problem of Identity,
  • The Purpose of Experience,
  • The Goal of Unity

Lesson 14[edit source]

The Body of Knowledge and Energies From Past Lives, Part 2

  • The past as an instrument of the Soul, Causal Body, Egoic Egg
  • The Monad, Consciousness and the three permanent atoms;
  • The redemption of consciousness identified with form
  • Past lives and the identification with experience
  • The United States and Atlantis: the karmic obligation of a group Soul
  • The glamours of the past; Karmic relationships between individuals
  • Karmic relationships within a group;
  • The application of Divine Love to initiate right relationship

Lesson 15[edit source]

The Seven Rays, The Personality, and Evolution, Part 1

  • The causal body and the cave
  • The seven rays and the causal body
  • The seven rays defined
  • The evolution of the Soul and its utilization of the seven rays
  • Considerations of the Soul

Lesson 16[edit source]

Difficulties And Solutions To Problems On The Path

  • Difficulties are leftovers from the past
  • Opposition from loved ones
  • Transmutation, love and reorientation to soul rather than personality
  • The wisdom available from the past
  • The recognition of patterns and habits from the past
  • Integration with the past

Lesson 17[edit source]

The Seven Rays, The Personality And Evolution, Part 2

  • Recapitulation of the evolution of the personality
  • Explanation of future growth and the coming age of the seventh ray
  • A group process for ray determination

Lesson 18[edit source]

The Condition Of The Personality And Past Actions

  • Acceptance of the Disciple’s present instrument
  • Attitude concerning personality problems
  • Reasons difficulties are present
  • Present difficulties as service
  • Healing accomplished through right attitude

Index[edit source]