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Karma originates in consciousness. Karma is actually the state of consciousness — this is cause.

What are you doing exactly when you invoke the manifestation of the Divine Plan for humanity (and remember you are a part of the focused group of humanity) in Divine Law and Order? You are invoking into operation within your own life and affairs—and those with whom you are closely associated—Divine Law and Order. The first law to come into operation is the Law of Karma. For it is only through the precipitation of karmic necessity, the resolution of that karma, that the disciple not only achieves his spiritual growth and development, but learns to deal with the opposition.

The disciple must indeed become fearless: both in relationship to his own life and affairs and in relationship to those with whom he is karmically related, both in personality and soul. As surely as that disciple walks in the world of men carrying the energy of the Divine Plan, he will be a causal factor for the precipitation of karma for every individual with whom he is in contact according to the degree of that contact, according to the service relationship he carries or holds with them.

He will, to a certain degree, have this causal effect upon his next door neighbor, the people with whom he works, those with whom he has but a few days contact. And remember that the outer relationships are dictated by the Divine Plan he serves, so that in the life of the disciple, there is no such thing as a casual relationship, no such thing as a coincidence or an accident.

In working to resolve karma and to precipitate a further manifestation of the Divine Plan in the place of the karmic necessity, it is important that the disciple refrain from attempting to dictate the form that Divine manifestation shall pick. Until that disciple shall walk through the portals of initiation, he is not in a position to know beforehand exactly what form the incarnate energy, force, and substance will take. Therefore, he does not ascertain, insofar as the form itself is concerned, what the Divine adjustment will be or what will constitute Divine Law and Order. He works with the alignment, aligning the Divine Will impulse with the outer manifesting condition or circumstance, constantly working for Divine Adjustment in Divine Law and Order, and meeting whatever presents itself in the outer life and affairs.53

53 See: The See-la-Aum technique in The Nature of The Soul, Lesson

In regard to karma, you realize that the consciousness as it is evolving through the various stages of human evolution, becomes identified with the form nature and commits the acts which are natural to the form.

Do not force decisions. Do not determine the form that anything will take. You bring the precipitating energy of the Divine Plan into manifestation, always maintaining the alignment between the Divine Will of the Plan and the outer appearance. Then you always move within the Wisdom according to the higher truth, and in so doing, stand steady at all times with the light of that truth, realizing that the Truth will free the consciousness from the imprisoning form nature.

I am going to bring in one other very important point regarding karma at this particular time.

Instruction such as I am projecting now has, in the past, seldom been released; however, it will be released many times from now on, to all those disciples who are capable of understanding and utilizing it.

It is possible to supersede karma, but before it can be superseded, it must be recognized and understood, after which it is possible for it to be transmuted. This is one of the most important concepts to come during this transition period, of the old age into the new. Heretofore it has always been considered that the only way to balance Karma was through precipitation of it. That was necessary in the past, but it is no longer necessary.54

35, and also the adjustment techniques in Lesson 21 54 See: The Transmutation technique in The Nature of The Soul,

I am going to take a most obvious type of karma in order to clarify this concept for you: the karma of the United States, which has been made throughout its history in connection with war. The karma of this nation, as it stands today, is to undergo much destruction at the hands of invading armies. However, this can be superseded. There are several ways of superseding karma. At this particular time I am only going to clarify one. This has been projected at various times during this past century, but with little clarification.

The first method which disciples must learn to utilize in superseding karma, before the other methods are revealed to them, is that of service. Individual karma is superseded by the acceptance of service karma, and in that acceptance, by the acceptance of Divine Adjustment in whatever form that adjustment will take of his karma. To the degree that he is capable of accepting service karma, to that degree will he supersede individual karma, both in regard to himself and relationships. When he accepts his service karma, in the highest sense of the word, he will manifest harmony within his environment (which is always karmic) rather than discord, thus lifting individual karma from the shoulders of many with whom he is associated, balancing it, and bringing right relationship into manifestation. Thus illumination can be reached, can be arrived at without pain, by all concerned.

The same is true of the nation, if its activities can be directed into service. Contrary to much of your thinking, this is taking place to a very great extent. Thus national karma and those with which it is affiliated can be superseded and balanced without pain. I would have you think on this. I have projected this concept regarding karma as it is closely related to the communication which has gone before. The instruction covers sensitivity, correct interpretation of that which is sensed, and the direct action taken as a result of the interpretation of what is sensed.

The first effect of the Soul, mind, and brain alignment within the life and affairs of the student, is the precipitation, in sequential order, of all that karma (good, as it may be called, or bad) which he is capable of moving through and of adjusting or bringing into balance via his application of the Wisdom. Also, that which can be made use of in his present service relationship both to the overshadowing of the Divine Plan and within his particular group. The outer experience then of the student will very seldom be pleasant in the personality sense of the word. The remaining karma, and there is always a certain bulk of it, is brought into direct relationship with his outer life and affairs, and set into that motion which will precipitate it in a sequential order of events.

The disciple carries a great responsibility in relationship to this. He must, through his own subjective effort, align every manifesting circumstance and condition, every event which appears within the life and affairs, with the overshadowing Divine Will impulse, so that there is, then, an interplay between the Spiritual Aspect and the matter or Substantial Aspect.55

Now I do not here refer alone to the group of students or disciples with which a particular student is associated, but with that group of associates with whom he comes

55 See also: The See-la-Aum technique in The Nature of The Soul,

in daily contact. As his karma is precipitated, as he moves through it, care is taken to manifest Divine Law and Order in relationship to those who play a part within the karmic precipitation.

During this period of time, he must work subjectively, with and within himself, to establish and maintain that stability which will permit the working out of these karmic factors. He must work from the level of the Soul with reason. If at any time he falls from this position into either mental illusion or astral glamour, he is of little service. This same technique is utilized within and by a group of disciples in relationship to a co-disciple who may be undergoing a similar experience.

Group Karma[edit source]

I should like to discuss with you group karma. The Ashram itself has engendered in past approaches to humanity and in past relationships with the evolutionary process within humanity, certain karma. As a group of disciples come together in the physical plane of affairs and as they are overshadowed by their particular place and function within the Ashram, they undergo this same experience—precipitation of karma in a little different way than does the individual in his life and affairs. The group karma is precipitated through focal points within the group, and the individual focal point’s relationship with that karma because of past experience, past decisions, and past action—because of the present point of evolutionary development, and a particular relationship with the Ashramic Plan. These individuals provide the focal points through which the karma precipitates within the body and the life and affairs of the group. When this happens, every disciple related within the group has his particular relationship with that karma.

He has a particular growth and development to achieve as that particular karma is worked out, as it is resolved in the life and affairs of the group itself.

While the various disciples within a group do not permit themselves to interfere in that which is taking place within the life and affairs of the focal point, nonetheless, they do establish a relationship with it, they do consciously wrest from the experience and their participation in it, their own spiritual growth and development. They do work with the alignment and the subjective technique given previously. Particularly, they endeavor to stand steady in the light of the group Soul and to exercise those disciplines and relationships which permit right relationship to manifest.

I wish to re-emphasize a point here and this has to do with the fact that each one of you finds yourselves in this particular cycle of opportunity with a karmic freedom to avail yourselves of the highest that can be given to you. At the same time, in its most practical sense, you have the time to devote to the actual exercises necessary to the embodiment of certain concepts, the embodiment of a certain state of consciousness, its condition, and its effects. This is extremely fortunate. It would be of great benefit to you as individuals as well as a group unit, if you could realize this, be thankful and joyous because of it, and so make right use of that which you have which is very great. There are many, particularly in the Western Hemisphere, who have sought for just that which you are receiving, but whose karma has never permitted them to even touch it.

It is very important that the teacher understands this concept of group consciousness and that he aspires to it, that he conscientiously works toward it, and that he finally attains it—because it is via this group consciousness that he will be enabled to relate the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul to its personality reflection and so transmit that Soul into its form. Therefore, each teacher, and each disciple who is consciously functioning under Hierarchic impulse, is working steadily toward the attainment of group consciousness. In this way he is, at the same time that he is becoming group conscious as an individual, establishing a group consciousness within a group within the three worlds of human endeavor. That group consists of all those teachers working under Hierarchical impulse who are aspiring toward this particular attainment. In so doing, he is establishing a karmic (and I refer to a karmic on a higher turn of the spiral as it relates to service) relationship with the specific group of individuals within the one group which we call humanity.

You are initiating a new beginning, insofar as karmic relationships are concerned, in that you are establishing a karmic relationship which is based upon your service activity. It is a new relationship within the One Life, and while it is new in quality, it is also new in intent and in purpose. Yet, you will find yourselves associated, as always, with those individuals with whom you have formed relationships throughout the long process of appearances within the three worlds of human endeavor.

This is also precipitating a higher karma, one which relates you more securely and more perfectly to the body of humanity.

Master John: You do not rise above the Law of Karma. This concept is based on wishful thinking and fear. You utilize the Law of Karma. The time will come when you have reached a certain initiation where you wield karma with no consequences. This comes with Mastery. The Master has not risen above the Law of Karma. The Lords of Karma dictate yet, at that level, the opportunities that the Master faces. Grace is but one part of the Law of Karma.

Karmic Relationships[edit source]

None of this is new, it is part of a growing picture; it has grown out of, we shall say, the past.

In the three dimensional world—that is, the mental, the astral, and the physical simultaneously—in which you live, you are always forming new karmic relationships. As embryonic teachers, you are instituting new karmic relationships each day, each time you think. Yet, these new karmic relationships are based upon old associations or have grown out of old associations.

Consider now that you have completed this course of instruction, have carried out the proper meditation activity, the proper subjective work, and have then, as a result, brought together that group of students with whom you are karmically related as a teacher. Based upon the concepts that have been projected, would you please explain exactly what would be your attitude? How would you see them? How would you attempt to relate to them? What would be the purpose and the goal of your activity? What would be your identification first? What would be your relationship with the group specifically? Where would you stand insofar as the group were concerned?

There are several points now that are important to you: One, the fact that as you receive, and absorb and embody a basic concept, that is a universal truth, to that degree you have become Soul conscious, and that as you transmit this concept to another individual successfully, so that he is able to absorb the truth in its universality, to embody that same truth in its universality, he too becomes Soul conscious to that degree.

This then, is the goal of your activity as teachers—to aid this particular focus of humanity (the small group) in becoming Soul Conscious. The purpose of service is to the One Life, and your alignment is with the One Life. The identification must be made as a dual identification. You are a member of that group in that you are a member of humanity. The group is humanity—focused, or brought into a focal point.

This is an important concept. In teaching, whether it be an individual or a group, always align with that individual or group as a focus of humanity. Here is humanity. And since you are a member of humanity, you are one with the focus; you are one with it. At the same time, you are a part of the One Life which includes much more than just humanity. You might say in this sense, that you are Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

As you are enabled to truly identify in this way, you will be group conscious. And to the degree that you are group conscious, your efforts to teach will be backed by the Hierarchy in every instance regardless of your awareness of that conscious support at any given time.