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We will discuss the Soul, mind, and brain alignment: its purpose, its immediate goal and its practicality in the world of human affairs.

First, let us consider the purpose of such an alignment. The overall purpose or the motivating impulse for the establishment of a Soul, mind, and brain alignment within any one individual is the Soul incarnation into the three worlds of human endeavor. That is, that via this alignment, the Soul can finally incarnate in full waking consciousness into the physical brain of its physical instrument. It is, then, after such an incarnation, in final control of its instrument and the whole consciousness is functioning in the Fifth Kingdom in nature.

Naturally, this takes many incarnations to complete, even after the alignment has been established. That is why we refer to this as the purpose of Soul, mind, and brain alignment.

Now, we shall come to the immediate goal, insofar as the present incarnation is concerned. The consciousness which is focused in the brain, which refers to itself as “I”, is an extension or projection, if you wish to call it that, of the Soul itself. That which thinks of itself as “I”, which has identified itself with its instrument, is in truth but an expansion of the Spiritual Soul consciousness.

It has first to awaken to the fact that there is such a thing as a Spiritual Soul—that it has a direct relationship to that Spiritual Soul—so that there is a sense of duality created in the identification awareness of the personality consciousness. It identifies the Spiritual Soul as its higher self and itself (personality consciousness) as the lower self. In aspiration, then, the personality consciousness seeks to contact the Soul: to become aware of the fact of its existence, not only in theory, but in the realm of experience—to experience via contact the actuality of the Soul.

The first objective of the Soul, mind, and brain alignment is to provide this experience for the personality consciousness during the present incarnation. That is an immediate objective. He knows that the personality consciousness must experience the reality of the Soul via contact, if the theory of the higher consciousness is to be translated into a fact in nature, that only such an experience will provide the personality with sufficient impetus to undergo the necessary disciplines to achieve a final union with that Soul.

As he studies The Nature of The Soul series for the first time, it is with this immediate objective in mind: that he will establish in the mind, which is focused in the brain consciousness, the fact of the Soul to such a degree that a temporary but automatic alignment can be established between the brain consciousness and the Soul via the concept of the Soul which is held in mind.

You understand that such an alignment is an involuntary one. This alignment is a non-technical one. It is established via a concept rather than via a plan of action which is carried out by the student himself. I would have you note very carefully this differentiation for it is vitally important.

He transfers into the brain consciousness the concept of the Soul. At the same time, he receives with that concept a tremendous quantity and quality of energy. This energy is a vital, living force which gives life to the concept itself, so that for a period of time there is within the mind (the mind that is focused in the brain) a living concept which can act as a bridge between the brain and the essential reality of the concept itself.

However, he has but a short period of time in which to work; for if the concept is not able to accomplish its work, it will die as a result of the students own frustration. He knows that the first experience which occurs as the result of the work which he has done will usually be a manifestation of glamour, that it will not be truth in its final sense. It is most important that you realize this, for it will be an experience of the astral nature. It will be the astral nature which will respond to the experience, weaving very often a beautiful picture which it will present to the brain.

He knows this, and he is, therefore, prepared to lift out of this realm of experience the moment, the moment, my brothers, that it occurs. The experience itself will provide impetus for further pursuance of the reality. But if he allows himself to remain in the area, he may then wander for many lifetimes in astral glamour.

Why is this first contact, this first experience, one of glamour? Because it is based on a false premise. The student, in his brain consciousness, conceives of the Soul. That Soul is separative in identity from himself. It is placed above and beyond himself. His involuntary alignment with the Soul via the concept of such a Soul will produce a contact, but that contact will be a result of a vibratory impact made upon the astral body. Finding its way through the astral body into the subconscious content of the consciousness itself; will enter the brain in the form of words, of pictures, or some similar experience of contact. The form which the contact has taken is entirely one of glamour. For the contact, in the first place, was nothing more than a vibratory impact of a stream of energy focused from the higher frequency range of the Soul through the mind into that concept held in the brain, into the astral body, the subconscious, and finally, finally flashed across the brain awareness.

Here is the danger, and herein is where many groups never progress from this point. They must maintain the interest and the aspiration to continue in the pursuance of the reality. The consciousness must be given something, even though that something is a distortion (remember, the distortion has behind it Truth), a contact which was a vibratory impact. But the distortion itself has swallowed up the truth and the student then sees the Soul in the eyes of his astral body.

He will work, then, to lift the conscious awareness out of this area of astral experience, into a true mental realization of the fact of the Soul. This contact which you have experienced is not reality. The form the contact took was not the entity which you are attempting to reach. The form was but a means to an end, to let you know that the Soul is a fact in nature. Now you have experienced that fact, but your experience has been via the emotional nature, which distorts out of proportion the fact of truth. Now you will detach from that experience. You will turn your attention to a new method of contact with the Soul. Now we will begin our activity upon a more sure foundation.

The Soul is not some super entity which exists above and outside the consciousness which thinks of itself as “I”. The little “I” is the Soul in incarnation. He will seek through every means which he knows to unveil the Truth which lies within, within the consciousness—not without, but within.

By this time, if the student is average in his reactions, there will have been an experience of light within the consciousness. He will have either actually seen light or sensed light. Then he will use this means to bring about a more perfect alignment between the Soul, mind, and brain.

He will visualize, at every meeting and before every meeting, the students as radiatory centers of light. He will see that light radiating out from its center, passing through the mind, the brain and the entire environment of the student. He will receive the concepts within the lessons into that light. He will see it; he will project into it; he will evoke it; he will speak to it; he will love it; he will think to it. Every act which he commits will be directed to this light and that is the factual alignment which he is establishing, alignment between the Soul, mind, and brain.

Then he will begin to speak in terms of light—the light of understanding—the light of reality. Every concept which can be translated into terms of light, which is a radiation of truth from its center, will be received by that group of students, always with the objective in mind of establishing a true contact with the Soul.

As the vibratory frequency of the Soul reaches through the mind and to the brain, it will change the consciousness seated therein. That consciousness will begin to grasp truth. His sense of values will undergo a vast change, and his responses will slowly but obviously change to conform to the change in values.

The entire instrument, the physical instrument will undergo a shift in vibratory frequency so that the aura, the simple physical aura will be of a finer radiance, will bring with it a new quality which has not heretofore been present. So the student has established a contact with the highest aspect of his consciousness without realizing that such a contact is in existence.

When the consciousness can say “I am the Soul” and know that he is a Son of God, then has true Soul consciousness been made. I would have you think on this for ofttimes what you seek is but a distortion of what you have already attained.

And now, let us bring this concept of a Soul, mind, and brain alignment, which finally results in Soul identification, into the realm of practical everyday living.

If the concept of the Soul is not of practical use to the humanity which you seek to serve, it has no place in our thoughts. So you must know what the Soul is beyond your definition of it. When you think in truth, when you think in the highest concepts of which you are aware, you are thinking within the consciousness of your Soul. Every act which you commit which is impulsed from the heart which seeks to serve is an act directed from within your Soul—that which you are.

If you will stop thinking of the Soul as something outside of, above, beyond yourself and begin to apply that Soul which you are to the everyday act of living, then will you demonstrate the practicality of the Soul as the answer and the only answer to todays problems.

Karmic relationships may withhold the student from taking an active part in a service group. But know in the very beginning of this work with the group that no matter where each one goes—whether they go back into their own homes, into their place of business, into their church—no matter where they go, they will have this one concept and establish for them a Soul, mind, and brain alignment—that all will have become disciples, functioning within the body of humanity. And that, again, is the practical purpose of the service work—to provide the world with conscious thinking Souls incarnate in physical bodies.

What about students who only read but do not have the teaching influence to pass the Soul glamour point? That is one of the reasons why we are giving so much of our attention to the group movement. If enough teachers can be trained to reach a great enough percentage of the population with their service, then the greatest part of the work for humanity will have been done.

The shift (from the glamour point) can be made in a few hours or days. Otherwise the student can wander around and, of course, the experience is pleasant so that he brings more and more of it to himself and brings greater and greater glamour. He also separates himself even further in awareness from the Soul because he continues to think of it as separate from himself.

When the student tells of his Soul speaking to him in words, or showing him pictures, or his Soul appearing, then it is very clear that the student is experiencing an astral experience. This is true even when the consciousness has experienced the glamour of finding himself focused in a finer, more beautiful and wondrous body; this is still but an astral experience, for the Soul is consciousness.

I would speak with you regarding some more practical aspects of meditation than are generally realized in the consideration of simple meditation technique. Most of you have practiced that technique sufficiently long for it to have become a constructive habit. You are now ready to look away from it somewhat to an expanding concept of what meditation actually is in the practical sense of character building and service.

Let us consider alignment in its practical application to the daily life and affairs of the aspiring disciple.

Upon opening the eyes from sleep to a new day, you should by now have established the habit of Soul identification. The first fact and consideration of wakefulness is that of being the Conscious Soul Incarnate within the threefold instrument and in the group sense, within the body of humanity.

With the eyes open, then, and the instrument active in the daily routine, alignment is practiced throughout the waking hours.

The mind and mental body is aligned by the Conscious Soul Incarnate via his positive control of the thought content and process. Only those thought-forms which are constructive in their influence upon the rest of the instrument are permitted attention. Only those which are harmonic reflections of or responses to the overshadowing Divine Plan for humanity are contemplated and entertained. The Conscious Soul Incarnate carefully chooses the ideas, concepts and thought-forms he will permit to be given life (activity) within his mental body.

This does not mean that the Conscious Soul refuses to observe the world of thought, which so obviously constitutes mans prison of hell and requires the cleansing and purifying application of the Christ Light before mankind will be free to manifest the Divine Plan on Earth. It does mean, however, that he, the Conscious Soul, and therefore the conscious server, refuses any part of that totaldarkness entry into his own mental body. He will not add to its power and strength, and because he is rendering his own mental instrument positive to it, the radiance of the Christ pours through him to cleanse and purify somewhat his mental environment.

He exerts the same positive control over his astral body, carefully choosing to feel the higher, more constructive emotions toward his fellow man and the activity in which he is engaged. Thus, he pours love and compassion from the heart of his being through the astral body to manifest in many unspoken acts of kindness and service as well as that magnetic quality so characteristic of the true disciple. Others are drawn to him to unknowingly receive the blessing of the Christ through him. He contemplates beauty rather than ugliness, good rather than evil, mercy and kindness rather than punishment and hostility. He is learning to become adept in the use of his astral equipment through the practice of continual alignment. At this point he gradually overcomes the old tendencies toward depression and futility because his feeling nature is too busy in service to others to center itself upon his own troubles, real or imagined. Thus, such troubles deflate to their proper proportion and eventually disappear through lack of attention.

Via the technique of Conscious Soul identification, exerted through the etheric to the physical brain and nervous system for the purpose of aligning the physical body and its activity with that which overshadows, the disciple becomes an effective and dynamic server in the world of affairs. In the above, could you but see, I have indicated the whole answer to your many frustrations in the attempt to serve.

The very fact of Conscious Soul identification exerted through the etheric to the physical brain and nervous system results in an immediate revitalization of the physical instrument with the light and life of the Soul. Such spiritual force is dynamic and when used intelligently can successfully overcome the old tendencies, habits and reactive patterns of the physical elemental. That elemental has conformed over a long period of time to destructive and disruptive patterns which constitute a path of least resistance for the movement of higher energies and forces—thus the disciple misuses and misdirects his God-given economy (energy, force, and substance) without meaning to. He can be caught up in a pattern of activity destructive to himself and those whom he would serve, out of sheer ignorance and the taking of what appears as the easy path. He will rationalize his action to dispose of unwanted guilt and continue until he is awakened to the truth of what is happening.

The activity of the physical instrument must be examined and re-examined from the standpoint of all that the Conscious Soul knows about the good, the true, and the beautiful. It is aligned with the overshadowing Divine Plan, and then becomes a wide-open channel for the precipitation of that Plan when its separate acts are reflections and demonstrations of that which the Soul knows.

All of the above constitutes a continuity of alignment, a practical application of daily meditation which builds character for Soul purpose.

Master John:[edit source]

There are of course many techniques that are good. About the best way to improve the alignment is to study. I do not mean practice, but to study the meditation technique so that you grasp it firmly in mind and can visualize the alignments which are established via meditation techniques throughout the entire day. You visualize after having studied the techniques so that you can see it clearly. Draw diagrams if you wish; become so familiar with it and understand the purpose of each alignment, the frequency into which it moves, etc. Then, visualize these alignments in living light (those which are particularly for you), throughout the entire day. This should be of help for any student, or for anyone who is having difficulty of this kind.

Master R:[edit source]

The consciousness of the overshadowing Divine Plan is the consciousness of the Christ. The Plan in its form nature—that is, in its activity aspect as form—is the highest order of deva available to the human kingdom on this planet. It is the order of devas referred to as the vestures or the risen Holy Ghost aspect. This then, is the overshadowing Divine Plan as held in focus—the consciousness of Christ within the mind of Christ—that mind being the risen Holy Ghost Aspect—the form nature of the Divine Plan itself.

Next, we have the focal point of consciousness which is the Ashramic Group Life, with the etheric light body of the Planetary Logos as the form nature or the deva of the Ashramic Group Life. The next focal point is that of the group on the physical plane of appearance with the substantial forces of the group vehicle as its form nature. We referred to the establishment of an alignment from the overshadowing Divine Plan which, remember, consists of the focus of Christ consciousness within the mind, the deva, the risen Holy Ghost Aspect, the alignment of that with the Ashramic Group Life which consists of the consciousness on Hierarchial levels of those disciples within an Ashram of which you are just a part, and of the consciousness indwelling this particular group form and his substantial forces and the closing of the circuit from the group back again to the overshadowing Christ or overshadowing Divine Plan.

As the energy of the soul is precipitated via the soul, mind, and brain alignment, into the bodies and the life and affairs, they create specific effects, which are usually, in the beginning, of a disruptive nature. Now understand that the person who knocks upon the door of initiation is seeking just this. He is applying for initiation into the Wisdom itself, initiation into the world of the soul where the work of service via White Magic is entered into. He brings with him as he knocks upon this door, many, many factors. He brings the depth, the breadth and the height of his subjective self. That subjective self is underlying, is causal to and substantiates the outer objectivity that is the outer appearance. He has, through a long series of past incarnations, undergone many experiences, set many causes into motion, created certain karmic effects through which he must move, and render causal to his spiritual growth and development, before entry through the portals of initiation is possible.

We have discussed the soul, mind, and brain alignment, and while a consideration of it was extremely comprehensive, it was from the perspective of the soul itself in its effort both to incarnate within the three planes of human endeavor and to rebuild its instrument of contact with those three worlds. Thus, we considered this subject from the causal creative level.

It is important for you to realize that you establish, you provide, via your own soul, mind, and brain alignment to a greater or lesser degree via a conscious deliberation.