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The calling down into active play of that Deity which overshadows an individual or group of individuals. That which is invoked may appear in one of many forms, such as an idea, an experience, or in the case of a needy humanity, even as the incarnation of an initiate consciousness.
NOS 42

When we can invoke, individually and collectively, the Spiritual Soul characteristics, qualities and energies into our own instrumentalities then we will have taken a major step in our service function.

Ask and ye shall receive
Means primarily to ask from and as that point of identification which is, in this instance, the conscious soul incarnate. If you conceive of an idea, if you grasp a concept and relate to it your particular situation and circumstance, and if the light indicates a course of action new and strange to you and utterly different to that which you would have followed previously, then you must dare to either follow it, or follow the old path and think about the new one. Because when you confuse the two you are going to manifest the confusion. In other words, you've got to take the action that is the true action of your conviction whatever that conviction may be. So you are going to move along a path, a course of action which is new and strange, unfamiliar, but which has been indicated by your own spiritual light. Then, my Brother, dare to walk along it and don't look back.
DE 185, 186.