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also see christ consciousness

The Teacher, the Master, the Lord of the Hierarchy.
AP 112

The only begotten Son of the Father includes every man, woman and child upon the planet.
CT 85

The Lord Maitreya.

It is via this focused identification that Love is known on this planet and identified in each individually and collectively.

The ideal of the Soul is qualified by Divine Love-Wisdom. Thus is Its quality derived from the Heart (consciousness of Soul aspect) of our Planetary Logos. This links humanity both individually and collectively to The Christ and His Spiritual Hierarchy, Who embody the Heart of our God.
NOS 127

The Living Son of God, that Inner Being whose constant Presence is reflected within the form of every human, and who has made himself known as the Teacher, the Guide and the Savior of the race. He is focusing the purpose for the planet through all the various Ashrams. One does not become the Christ before he proceeds as though he were the Christ.
AW 15, 231, 820

Christ Consciousness The consciousness of the overshadowing Divine Plan is the consciousness of the Christ.
DE 182

Christ Consciousness
Descended from Its high Plane of Light to merge with a state of consciousness which was more or less inert. In that descent, The Christ took on the condition of that with which He merged and as a combined state of the two, is once again returning home.
S&I 152

Christ's Teachings
Which were presented at the beginning of the Sixth Ray age, will not only survive, but will come into their full manifestation during the next age.
DE 232/233

To the probationer disciple, Christhood means brotherly love, peace, goodwill, security, harmony, etc. His understanding of even these is highly abstract.
NOS 444

Christianity, the advocate and follower of the Master Jesus has done very little actually to further [His Doctrine of Love].
Thus, we find that the mass of humanity, which calls itself Christian and accepts Jesus, The Christ, as its Savior, expressing hate and prejudice, even today, in its attempt to dominate the world with its religion.
NOS 237