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Synonymes: etheric center, energy center, Chakra

Underlying the physical appearance of any form is an energy body which brings into focus the integrated relationship of the energy, force and substance of which the outer body is a reflection.

Center System Is comprised of seven major centers and their 49 reflections which are found throughout the whole etheric body. These constitute the framework, or network, which brings into focus the integrated relationships of the energies, forces and substances of the incarnating Soul and through that focus which underlies the cerebro-nervous system.

Centers The etheric body contains within it certain force centers which can be defined as centers of transmission for incoming and outgoing energies. Each center is located from three to six inches outside of the physical body, and extending into it in the form of an inverted spiral.
NOS 163-165

Centers, etheric
At different points throughout the world [Body of the Planetary Logos], centers are being constructed to receive and transmit Hierarchical energy and bring it into contact with the human family via specific departments of activity.

The etheric Centers:
Head Center
Located at the top of the head. This center puts the imprisoned consciousness [persona], in touch with Overshadowing Spiritual Soul.
The Ajna Center
Located between the brows. It finds it point of entry into the physical in the spinal column.The Throat Center
Located about midway in the neck, finding its point of entry into the physical in the spinal column.
The Heart Center
Located between the shoulder blades and finds it point of entry into the physical in the spinal column.
The Solar Plexus Center
Located just above the waist, finding its point of entry into the physical via the spinal column.
The Sacral Center
Located about three inches below the waist, finding its point of entry into the physical in the spinal column.
The Kundalini Center
This center is located just above the coccyx, finding it point of entry into the physical at the base of the spine.

Center Which We Call the Race of Men
- The great kingdom in nature, the great being and entity which is identified as humanity.
Aligning with the throat center of the Planetary Logos.

Centers, Balancing the
technique to be used when a person has an energy block, an over-stimulation in one center (for example, a headache) …
This would indicate an over-active ajna center where there would be a big bulge in the ajna etheric and hardly any energy in the other centers.
H 71

An outpost in the three worlds of human endeavor of a Master's Ashram.

Center (spiritual nature)
Humanity inhabiting the area for the establishing of any center of a spiritual nature have themselves earned the right to that which the establishing of a center in their locale in their midst gives them.
DE 130

Center, Canadian
The magnetic North Pole. Control of the world devic forces, will attract those scientists who deal with control of the world climates, conservation and re-creation of the world’s natural resources.

Center Function
To identify one's relationship to the ashramic group centers, one must know what it is he wants to do, how he is constituted to serve in the center and then put his own will, his attention and his effort into that direction.
AW 212/214

Center (Wisdom-Center, the building of)
The building of it will evolve certainly as your state of consciousness evolves as your function evolves. What will be the substance that will be molded and shaped into the building of that form? It will be money. This will be the concrete substance that will build this form. You are going to appropriate this money as the 3rd aspect aligning it with your purpose establishing it as a negative polarity, which, in relationship to the purpose, and in relationship to your consciousness as a group, builds the forms which you formulate within the group mind.
DE 146/147

Center Personnel Are those who can establish and maintain the necessary focus in consciousness and instrumentality for the reception and transmission of synthesis energies. They are capable of receiving and transmitting the type of energies that concern the Hierarchy and can do so with the same strength, frequency and quality of the focus as the Hierarchy.