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Center of Synthesis
The esoteric Center of Synthesis will provide advanced esoteric training and discipleship, and its many related fields of service, for those within the body of humanity.
AP 153

Center of Synthesis
Focal point of subjective ashram within the etheric network of humanity on mental, astral and etheric levels, as a blue-white sphere of Light with a center of absolute white. It is made up of Head Center, Heart Center, and Throat Center energy. The Head Center focuses that overshadowing Soul in; the Heart Center circulates the field of spiritual relationship within the overall group life which is its incarnate Soul. The Throat Center then focuses that into outer appearance.
AW 1607, 199

Center of Synthesis
The Center of Synthesis is available as a subjective focal point that any disciples in any group anywhere in the world can use as a subjective aid in their particular service activity. It would be possible for them to link up with the center, and through the center to invoke energy from the Avatar of Synthesis. This would call into play the Devas of Synthesis. This energy could be invoked into their service activity for the purpose of manifesting the Divine Plan for humanity.
AP 156

Center of Synthesis
From the Hierarchial vantage point the Rocky Mountain area is the best location for the center.Insofar as you as disciples are concerned, at this time and place it is not of as much importance as it is to the Hierarchy. It is a natural center within the devic life itself for the movement of the energy of synthesis and for the work, the service effort. It is the location which has been definitely determined for the Center of Synthesis for the world itself over a long, long period of time. That center does not have to be externalized or materialized until the end of the century. It does have to be by that time. By externalized, I mean in the sense of the same degree as the centers of Hierarchial force in the Himalayas. By the end of the century, the Rocky Mountain center in the United States does have to be in incarnation insofar as the Hierarchy is concerned. The Hierarchy must always account for conditions and circumstances, which not only humanity, but the serving disciples are manifesting.
DE 267/268

Center of Synthesis
Corresponds to the cave in the center of the head, the esoteric head center. It is a blue-white nucleus with the four petals.

Center of Synthesis
You make it so through a prevision, a preparing of the way.
DE 271