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Important notice:

If you haven't been thoroughly introduced to the Cave and it's proper use and function by a teacher of the Wisdom,
it might probably be wise to just move on. It is one of those things one better doesn't play with unless you really know what you're doing.

If couriousity get's the better of you and you just have to click the hiding-box that was implemented to secure you, you do so at your own risk.

-- Yes, i was properly introduced to the Cave and it's function and am aware of the risks of damage by improper use.

The cave is actually the cavity in the brain and is the area in which the Soul reflects its light. It is here that the interplay of energies between the ajna and head centers creates the magnetic field of mind in which the consciousness of Soul and personality are blended.
S&I 129

A small golden sun which is the reflection of the Spiritual Soul in the center of the head.
Place of residence of the Conscious Soul Incarnate.
A center of synthesis.
AW 159, 161, 217, TT2

This Synthetic Center corresponds to the Cave in the center of the head, the center of synthesis.
AP 153

Cave Center
The cave in the center of the head is occultly defined as that place where land, air and water meet, because this is the center in which etheric, mental and astral substance is focused (in that order) for condensation into form. It is at the very center of [the probationer's] three vehicles and is constructed of etheric light substance in all three frequencies of the lower worlds.
NOS 348- 349