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Relationship based upon the mutual love, respect and freedom, giving of one toward another based upon the Power of good will.
CT 98

The basic relationship between any two people, characterized by Love.
POI 24

As the energy of Divine Will impacts on the consciousness of a beginner on the path, we see it manifesting within his mind as the Will-to-Good.
He is moved by that impulse to express goodwill towards his friends, relatives, and associates, so brotherhood becomes for him, a fact in nature.
NOS 54

Living as a brother to the Christ.
Recognition of the Christ in each man. Realization of equal heritage and rights within the Christ.
Cooperative service directed by the will that is the will to good, the love that is the Love of God, manifesting activities which become the living example of Truth.
AW 155

Establish the relationship of brotherhood with all humanity and know peace.
AP 139

the Soul is One Soul, consciousness is one consciousness, and you are one with your brothers.
AP 151

If anyone in the world has a reason for establishing brotherhood, it is a group of disciples who are dedicated to a common purpose, to recognize the Christ within each other and because of that recognition, to overlook the faults of the personality.
The fate of the human family lies in the hands of groups such as this.
DE 216

Accept the responsibilities arising out of your present relationships, for you have in some way earned them, and with Love in your hearts, establish right relationship within your group, your environment and the world of men and know peace.
S&I 158 -159