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[... it] contains within itself Spirit, matter, and consciousness in a new frequency, which in its subjective focus is a One, and in its outer manifestation is a four.
Thus, out of three comes the lower quaternary of manifestation.
NOS 372

It is the nature of the form to breathe.
Until the consciousness is constantly centered in the Soul and therefore in the Group Life, it is the breath of the form which captures and holds the consciousness a prisoner to that form. The consciousness itself moves into the form nature, rather than remaining centered, where it is possible to control the form nature.
AW 148

Breathing exercises
Counting so many counts while you inhale, holding an interlude, exhaling for so many counts, holding another interlude, are unnecessary.
When the consciousness understands that breath, the inhalation and the exhalation, is of the form nature, then that consciousness has found the key to mastery of the form.
The only exercise that is necessary is to attempt to establish that focus behind the act of breathing, as you go about the constant act of breathing through the day.
TT1 Lesson 25