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The instrument of the mind and the physical body. The mind impresses the brain with the thoughts it has picked up. The five senses, which have their mental counterparts, impress the brain with that which they pick up in the physical body and environment. The mind translates the impulse carried by the five senses into meaning and impresses the brain with that meaning. It can be seen, then, that the brain does not think at all.
POI 19

The brain is in actuality a focus in substance of the incarnating consciousness. It is a condensation of mental, astral and etheric matter created by a focus of these three frequencies of matter, through the cave in the center of the head. The pineal and pituitary glands are the positive and negative polarities which set up an interplay of force resulting in the birth of consciousness within, or its reflection upon, this condensed matter which we call the brain.
NOS 348

Light tends to reveal and increases the understanding of relationship between concepts, action and reaction, cause and effect, concept to action in all the various fields of thought, feeling and action within which we are focused.

Brain consciousness
The incarnate consciousness focused within the three-fold vehicle is but the transference into your brain consciousness of that which you are being taught on soul levels within the Ashram.
AP 83

Brain, Mind and Soul Alignment
Ajna/cave/head center. No student comes to a realization of this alignment without having had it first created for him by a teacher. TT2