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Bodies, The
The individualized spark of Logoic Consciousness identified as a persona, evolving towards full Soul consciousness within the aggregate of energies otherwise defined as his vehicles or bodies, has to ascertain the type, strength and quality of these energies in order to consciously wield them in service to the Plan.
NOS 178

Body of Thought
The energy potential which is the causal factor in this particular sense of your outer life and affairs is your share of your particular contribution on a casual level to the outer picture within the world of affairs.
LT 24

Body Receptive
A state of consciousness within the body of humanity composed of many persons throughout the world, which is specifically related to that aspect of the Plan which you seek to serve. This state of consciousness, or world group personae, we call the "body receptive." They are karmically receptive, either potentially or actively to a particular aspect of The Plan. It is through them that the disciple precipitates his share of that Plan into the world of affairs.
NOS 324