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also refer to "astral body"

The desire body of the Soul which is an aggregate of many identities. Liquid gel. Astral consciousness is being integrated with the physical plane consciousness and is taking physical incarnation.
AW 97 ,106

Feelings of the student bring into awareness and reveals all of those emotional forms within his own astral body which are out of harmony with the Plan, calling his attention to the need to exercise certain disciplines.

Astral barrier
One of the conditions which is in existence today and which will be increasingly so, is the breaking, in once sense, of the barrier between the astral and the physical planes. That barrier is on its way out. Humanity is orienting itself to an entirely new set of conditions. The astral consciousness is being integrated with the physical plane consciousness and is taking physical incarnation.
DE 231

Astral barrier
The effect of the nearness of the astral to the physical plane is the increase of astral energy which disciples are now experiencing. Certain world thought-forms which carry great emotional impact are very close to breaking through that barrier and making an appearance on the physical world. Their nearness is actually activating the solar plexus center and emotional nature. It will not be in the too distant future when these thought-forms will be visible and various aspects in the astral plane will not only be visible but will impinge on the awareness of the brain consciousness.
DE 243

Astral body and plane
The power factor in manifestation. Astral energy gives the mental form the substance that ensures its manifestation in physical form.
S&I 65

Astral body and plane
Contains within it all those forms which are eventually to manifest the experiences of the individual. It reflects or distorts pictures created in some mind, giving substance to each picture, so that a substantial form may emerge; whether that form be a situation, a series of events, a book, etc. It is the womb of creative man. Within the astral body of average man we find those forms which constitute the wish life of the individual. They may be of a very high nature or a very low nature and are a product of many centuries.
S&I 85

Astral Deva
The man in his feeling nature, which is the astral deva, is enabled to perceive via the senses, to sense and touch only because the deva obligingly relates him within a sphere of activity or vibration. It puts him in touch with other forms and states of consciousness or isolated egos, according to the dictates of his Will.
NOS 395

Astral-Emotional Nature
The vehicle through which the feeling aspect of consciousness is developed.
NOS 80

Astral-Emotional Substance
The power factor of manifestation that qualifies and conditions the form. It both attracts and repels according to its dominant note.
CT 365- 366

Astral energy
Cohesive energy which, when set into motion, brings together the energy of the mind and the energy of the physical substance, thereby producing form. Astral energy is set into motion by thought, sound and the activities of the physical instrument. A thought which is held in the mind in sufficient strength produces a like vibration in the astral body. The vibration within the astral body gives the thought a form in astral substance. The vibratory impact of that form upon the sensory system produces what we call an emotion, according to its strength, type and quality.
POI 112

Astral plane
The astral plane is that area between the mental and physical planes where the energy of mind and the energy of substance are brought together, thereby producing substantial form.
The astral plane contains the aggregate of forms created by humanity, plus the forces generated by such forms.
Little wonder that this sphere of existence has been likened to a miasma (pollution) where the steaming fogs and vapors of man's [own] making veil reality from our sensitivities.
NOS 152, 153

Astral plane
Another frequency (along with the mental and etheric planes) of the third aspect of substance found in the Negative Pole of Manifestation – the Mother or Matter aspect of the Trinity. Composed of tiny intelligent lives who arrange themselves as magnetic lines of force and attract the necessary etheric lives who in their turn give the thought activity an appearance in substance.
CT 363

Astral plane
Is composed of energy that interpenetrates and duplicates physical substance. It lies between the frequency ranges of the mental and physical planes and is held in relation to, and coordinated with, the other planes via the etheric network. Its substance is molded and vitalized by the energy of thought -- meaning that not only does every physical form have its duplicate upon the astral plane, but that every mental form also has its duplicate there.
S&I 73