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One who has been attracted by the light of the Ashram into its aura, but has not yet pierced its periphery (on Soul levels).
AW 91

This state of consciousness is somewhat difficult to determine, and usually difficult with which to deal. Often the aspirant himself is not fully aware that he is an aspirant, or more often a probationer thinks he is an aspirant. Not every student can be called an aspirant. An aspirant is one who has entered the Hall of Learning, and who is in the process of making what to him is the great sacrifice. He is deliberately and at seeming great cost, eliminating those personality traits which he can see tend to negate the expression of the Soul. His is the consciousness of duality, for the pairs of opposites provide for him the conflict. He is still primarily a personality, but he is aspiring to the Soul.
H 11, 12

those who have been attracted by the light of the Ashram into its aura, but who have not yet pierced its periphery (this is on soul levels) and found their place and function within it.
AP 101

The aspirant is a term which is used to define that Soul within the buddhic sphere who is within, and therefore constitutes, the aura of the Ashram. Such a one has his eye fixed upon the periphery of the Ashram and is endeavoring to pierce that periphery.
AP 83

The task of all aspirants is to complete the shift in polarization from astral to mental, and then to integrate the three-fold instrument into a working unit. He becomes the observer. Through study and meditation he learns the nature of emotion and imposes certain realized disciplinary training over the astral nature as a result of this knowledge. Through meditation he becomes receptive to the vision of the Plan. Any picture of the Plan he envisions must be a distortion at best. He must dare to discard ALL pictures ALL visions of a so-called Plan; for it is only by clearing and stilling the astral body that the Plan can be reflected as it is.
S&I 86, 88

The term aspirant, as applied to an individual, denotes a certain development, and is not carelessly used in connection with all students. The aspirant is one who is engaged in the invocation of the Divine Will Impulse. In this manner, the first aspect of divinity is brought into active manifestation within the individual environment.
NOS 140

- There is a vast group of seekers in the world, some of whom are as yet unaware of [those above them], who stand ready to receive the teaching that will place them in the group of probationers. These people are called "aspirants." The aspirant is one who is engaged in the invocation of the Divine Will Impulse. This is a most important concept and should be contemplated by all students.
NOS 6, 140