Ashram of syntesis

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Synthesis Ashram
Is made up of disciples functioning on the first, second and the seventh rays. This ashram carries the responsibility of shifting the civilization from a sixth to a seventh ray expression, of shifting the organized life of the form from a third to a seventh ray expression, Hierarchy responsibility for the shift of human identification from self to soul, and carry over a 2500-year period, is held in focus by the Master M., the Master D.K., and the Master R. will include all disciples within these three major ashrams.

Synthetic Ashram
Now your Ashram is unique in that it is, it constitutes a new effort from the standpoint of the Hierarchy, being synthetic, composed of the Ashramic Group Life of the First Ray Ashram under the Master M., the Second Ray Ashram under the Master D.K., and the Seventh Ray Ashram under myself Master R.
AP 99

Synthetic Ashram The Ashram as it exists there [within Hierarchial fields of activity] must be reproduced within the three worlds of human endeavor. All of those Souls that function within the Synthetic Ashram must be brought together in the physical sense to create the vehicle … through which the ashramic group consciousness, the ashramic plan, and the focused intent of the divine ashramic purpose, can move out into manifestation, out into its service activity.
AP 45

Synthetic Ashram
Now consider the effort of the Ashram, to focus the new initiatory process which alters evolution itself through a group endeavor into the body of humanity.
AP 120