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A group of souls who function consciously with a member of the Hierarchy on the Buddhic sphere as disciples in the working out of the Divine Plan.
AW 54, 55

It is a magnetic field between a positive pole, which is an expression of Spirit, and a negative pole, which is an expression of Matter, or intelligent substance. Actually, that magnetic field is a state of consciousness, which is brought into and held in focus at the Center of the Ashram by a Senior Member of the Hierarchy, a Master.
AP 33

Is constituted of those souls who are related by a common purpose and a common goal and a common ray expression of Divinity.
AP 33, TT2

Every member of the ashram is part of the Consciousness of the Master.

An ashram, while it is a fact in nature, exists in consciousness only. The Ashram exists within the consciousness of its membership and is a group awareness. Each member partakes of and contributes to, the overall consciousness of the group.
NOS 190, 191

Ashram, Magnetic Field of
Between a positive pole, which is an expression of Spirit, and a negative pole, which is an expression of Matter or intelligent substance is the Soul of the Master. TT2

Ashram of The Christ
All of the Ashrams within the Hierarchy form one Ashram, the Ashram of The Christ.
AP 35, TT2

Ashram of Synthesis
The new Ashram of Synthesis carries the responsibility not only of incarnating, so to speak, as a conscious soul within the body of humanity, but of building the new forms of the new civilization which can and will adequately house that incarnate soul and provide for its continuing growth and development.
AW 1587

Ashramic Auric Influence, Office of
This office is held by all those probationers, each in his specific place, who constitute the aura of the Ashram. In other words, they have been attracted into the magnetic radiatory field of the Ashram, and as they orbit in that field, outside of the periphery, they constitue its auric influence in the three lower worlds.
NOS 276

Ashramic Body
Is the etheric Light Body, which emanates from the Soul Life of the Ashram from the Buddhic sphere and constitutes its ‘‘ring-pass-not’’ so that the Ashram is maintained above the three worlds of human endeavor.

Ashramic Center
The sum of all Souls specifically related with a particular Master in the spirit-matter-consciousness sense, functioning each within its causal sheath.
AW 54, 55

Ashramic Center, Objective
An outpost in the three worlds of human endeavor of a Master's Ashram.
AW 173, 176

Ashramic Centers, Objective
Established in the mountainous regions of Canada, the United States, and South America.
AW 183

Ashramic Consciousness
An invocative centre.
TT1, Lesson 5

Ashramic Group Causal Sheath
- Is the etheric Light Body of the Master Himself, and it in its turn is contained within the etheric Light Body of The Christ.

Ashramic Group Life
The sum total of Souls specifically related with a particular Master or member of The Hierarchy, in the spirit-matter-consciousness sense.
AP 98

Ashramic Group Life
Is the sum total of the focus of a Master composed of the overshadowing Soul life karmically related to Him and have been attracted within His sphere of influence for the purpose of receiving His spiritual guidance.

Ashramic Group Life
Exists in the consciousness of its membership, yet it is a reality. Each member holds a particular office in relationship to other members and the humanity they collectively serve. Each moves, as his point of development evolves, from the aura of the ashram into and through its periphery, through its sphere and into its center and through that center into the Hierarchy itself.
NOS 275

Ashramic Note The frequency or sound reaching you that activates many things within your consciousness arising out of the past. Learn to give it a home within your instrument and expression through that instrument within your environment.

Ashramic Plan
Has to do with the externalization of the Hierarchy.

Ashramic Plan
The Ashramic Plan itself (which, remember, is a particular expression of the Divine Plan for Humanity as held in focus by the Christ) has to do with the externalization of the Hierarchy, with which every individual who is attracted to this teaching and into its esoteric activity is particularly and peculiarly related.
AP 35-6

Ashramic Purpose
Is to literally create a new civilization, to build the forms which will carry the higher state of consciousness (the Fifth Kingdom in nature) into the body of humanity. Our purpose is to convey and to embody the Wisdom. This activity attracts others who will do the same, carrying the Wisdom out into the manifestation of the new forms of the new civilization.
AW 73, TT2

Ashramic Purpose
From our perspective as teachers, the Ashramic Purpose is a new civilization. As students are attracted to and receive the Wisdom, and then move away from it, that movement carries it outward, creating the new forms that are needed for the manifestation of the new civilization.
LT 114

These Ashrams constitute in their sum total a vast group life. But each finds his place within it via his own group life, his particular vehicle in the group sense. Each Ashram is a group life.
DE 248