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[The probationer] draws a line of energy from his Spiritual Soul, to and through himself as a focus in the mental body, to whatever form-his bodies, a situation or condition with which he is momentarily concerned. Thus he establishes the perfect alignment between Spirit and matter.
NOS 219

The establishment of a path for the flow of energies between any two points. It is the path of least resistance for any manifesting activity.
POI 92, S&I 120

The establishment of a path-of-least-resistance for the flow of energy between any two given points. Also, the establishment of a conscious link between the brain and the Divine Will Impulse of the Soul.
NOS 45, 141

Soul, mind and brain alignment within any one individual is the final Soul incarnation into the three worlds of human endeavor. There is no student who comes to a realization of this alignment without having had it first created for him by a teacher. This we give to one another. Completion of the alignment is not an automatic process which simply occurs once the alignment has been brought down into the most dense aspect of matter. It takes many incarnations to complete. The completion of the alignment must be consciously made by the focal point of consciousness through the appropriation of the breath of the form that is, via the appropriation of the life of the form in which he lives.
AW 28, 1000
1001, 1695

Think in terms of frequency rather than place and position with the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul. Once you have gained that experience of the Wisdom contained in the lessons, the alignment is established for all time.

Is improved via the study of the meditation technique until it is established in mind and can be visualized throughout the entire day.

The best way to improve the alignment is to study. I do not mean practice, but to study the meditation technique so that you grasp it firmly in mind and can visualize the alignments which are established via meditation techniques throughout the entire day. You visualize after having studied the techniques so that you can see it clearly. Draw diagrams if you wish; become so familiar with it and understand the purpose of each alignment, the frequency into which it moves, and then visualize in living light, you might say, these alignments, those which are particularly for you, throughout the entire day. This should be of help for any student, or for anyone who is having difficulty of this kind.
DE 255,

Aspirants initiate their own progress via alignment and reorientation. The highest point of alignment constitutes the goal of attainment at any given time. When he has fastened his attention to the ajna center, it becomes his immediate desired polarization.
S&I 129