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This is a meditation designed to center the consciousness in the ajna-center, that etheric center 3-6inches in front of the forehead. it is used as a beginners meditation to integrate the mental, astral and etheric bodies into one integrated instrument, which then can be dedicated to the soul.

This Meditation is about 10 mins long, but can be easily stretched (by exceeding the time for the seedthough) to 15 mins or more.

Guided video[edit | edit source]

Meditation outline[edit | edit source]

Aligning the threefold persona into one united Instrument in the Ajna

  • Take an upright position, close your eyes and relax the physical body by speaking mentally or out loud with each of its parts starting with your feet moving slowly upwards. Remember to relax your diaphragm, sculp (ears) and the muscles behind your eyes. Know that energy follows attention and hence your nervous system will obey the message to relax wich is sent by your will. While doing so, calm your breath as well.
  • Relax the emotions by imagining a quiet lake with a smooth, glassy surface out in the greens. Tell the emotions to calm and be at peace.
  • Take seven deep breaths, and while releasing them find your conciousness focussing upwards to the area between your eyebrows. Imagine a small golden sun about 3-6 inches in front of your forehead, and slowly move your attention into that magnetic sun. (Ajna-Center)

              - Know that here, you are the Master of your House.

  • Turn your attention to your higher Self, and therein realize the concept of the Soul. Using the creative imagination of your mind, connect to your Soul. Relate to it as an abstract Energy within and around yourself, realizing that it is above and free of any material form or placement. Know you are connected to your Soul via the direction and the Substance of your thought.
  • Speak once - out loud or silently - the following seed-thought:

              "I, the personality, dedicate my consciousness and my bodies to the Soul."

Hold this thought for at least 3 minutes or longer. Keep your attention in the Ajna and from there the connection to your Soul. Do NOT repeat the seed-thought or think about its meaning, just emerge in the subtle energy behind it. If your mind starts to wander or plays a song, if your emotions start to break through and captivate your mind, bring your attention back to that golden sun in front of your forehead and its connection to the Soul, and relink to the subtle energy of the seed-thought without repeating it. Do all you can to keep your active attention at this point for the time given within a silent, focussed mind.

  • Turn your attention to your mental body, and know it to be impulsed with the “right mind”.
  • Turn your attention to your emotional body, and know it to be cleansed and purified.
  • Turn your attention to your Brain and nervous system. Know your body to be galvanized into right action, both internally and outwardly via action and speech.
  • Preferrably out loud, if impossible then silently, sound the “Om”
  • Give thanks and gratitude to your family, friends and aquantances, then send blessings to humanity as a whole – after all, mankind is one global family. Extend your blessings to all living Beings, the visible and the invisible, then relax your attention and return to your normal focus.

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Remember to focus your attention at the Ajna-Center in in a non-formal way throughout the day as often as you can, it will help your focus on all your affairs in and about your life tremendously. Over time, it will become more and more easy to keep your attention up there, it even may become your natural place of "residence", your place of perception.

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Ajna-Focus as texture

PDF-Version (printable) of this meditation: File:AjnaFocusMeditation.pdf