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The movement of consciousness to a point above the normal world of horizontal impacts.
It is the concretizing aspect of the Third Ray, that energy which makes possible the clothing of a universal abstraction [concept] with concrete mental substance, thus producing the specific thought-form in a sequential manner.
This abstraction is precipitated into concrete form, and the sequence of the manifesting form creates so-called time and space.
NOS 205, 399

All Truth loses some of itself when clothed in words, but if properly understood as an abstraction before being clothed in concrete mind substance, its reality will underlie the form.
The form will be seen to contain depth and the inner meaning will be intuited from within that depth.
AW 13

Thoughts which lie out of reach of average human experience.
When man is able to tune in on them and receive them, he clothes them in concrete mind substance, and gives them form.
Thus an abstraction becomes a beautiful piece of music, or literature, or a beautiful painting, etc.
POI 40